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    Trustees Warn: Social Security Faces Major Imbalances

    Social Security provides retirement and disability benefits to 60 million people — nearly one out of every five Americans. As the population ages and the large baby boom generation enters retirement, more and more people will be collecting benefits, while at the same time fewer workers will be paying taxes to support each beneficiary.

    In its annual report, the independent trustees of Social Security warned that, absent reforms, this demographic shift will create major financial challenges for Social Security:


    Social Security Faces Major Financial Challenges

    Social Security currently provides benefits to 59 million Americans, including retired workers, disabled workers, and their spouses and survivors. As the population ages and the large baby boom generation enters retirement, the number of people receiving benefits is expected to climb to 88 million by 2033.

    Social Security faces major financial challenges. In their annual report, which was released Monday, the Trustees warn that without legislative action:



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