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    Post-Shutdown Poll: Majority of Democrats and Republicans Would Support Policies They Disagree With In Order to Achieve a Long-term Fiscal Solution

    Following the recent government shutdown and debt ceiling standoff, and as the Budget Conference Committee gathers, a new poll released today finds that a majority of voters in both parties are willing to give ground on key issues in order to achieve a much desired, long-term fiscal solution.


    October FCI Results: Nation’s Fiscal Health a Top Concern for Voters

    As the hard-fought campaign season comes to its conclusion — and as both presidential candidates were asked about their plans to address the debt in the final presidential debate — voters of all political stripes agree strongly that the national debt needs to be a major priority for the country’s leadership.


    Year-End "Fiscal Confidence Index" Shows Americans Remained Concerned about Nation's Fiscal Health Throughout 2014

    The Peter G. Peterson Foundation’s December Fiscal Confidence Index, a monthly measure of public attitudes about the nation’s long-term debt and the efforts elected leaders are making to address America’s fiscal challenges, is 43 (100 is neutral), indicating voters’ ongoing concern about America’s fiscal future.



This series of infographics helps put some of today's most pressing fiscal debates in context.


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