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    Infographic: Fiscal Health Leads to Economic Strength

    Americans draw clear connections between our nation’s fiscal health and economic strength. Voters from all political backgrounds overwhelmingly believe that putting our long-term debt on a sustainable path would improve economic opportunity and mobility, encourage businesses and entrepreneurs to create jobs, make the United States more competitive economically, and prepare the country for future crises.


    Post-Shutdown Poll: Majority of Democrats and Republicans Would Support Policies...

    NEW YORK — Following the recent government shutdown and debt ceiling standoff, and as the Budget Conference Committee gathers, a new poll released today finds that a majority of voters in both parties are willing to give ground on key issues in order to achieve a much desired, long-term fiscal solution.


    As New Year Begins, Voters Remain Deeply Concerned about the...

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    The January 2014 Fiscal Confidence Index, Modeled after the Consumer Confidence Index, is 42 (100 is Neutral); Continuing Negative Fiscal Outlook from 2013

    85% of Voters Want the President and Congress to Spend More Time Addressing Our National Debt, a Five-point Increase Since December (80%)



The national debt threatens our economy — but there’s still time to secure our future. Learn more, and ask the 2016 candidates for their fiscal plan.


Video: Our tax code is complex, unfair, and insufficient. Learn more about the opportunity we have to reform and improve tax policy.