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    Download the Citizen’s Guide

    Learn about steps you can take to help cure our fiscal ills.

    Through easy-to-understand language and graphics, the State of the Union’s Finances: A Citizen’s Guide, explains the enormous fiscal challenges we face, based on the official financial statements of the U.S. government. In addition to this diagnosis, the Guide also offers possible cures in the form of actions Americans can take at the government and personal levels.


    Welcome Back, Congress

    As the August recess concludes, the House and Senate return to a to-do list filled with important fiscal and economic deadlines. Lawmakers face a range of key issues in the brief legislative session before Election Day, during the “lame duck” session following the election, and next year.


    Email Newsletter: Infographic — Welcome Back, Congress

    Infographic: Welcome Back, Congress

    The House and Senate return from August break today with their work cut out for them on the fiscal front. While the issues are serious, unfortunately there’s not much time to act. Whether it’s finding consensus on a $90 billion budget gap before the end of the fiscal year, or next month’s looming debt ceiling debate, these challenges are urgent and demand leadership.


Fiscal Confidence Index

Survey: Modeled after the Consumer Confidence Index, the Fiscal Confidence Index is a monthly national survey that measures public opinion about the national debt.

The Tax Reform Opportunity

Video: Our tax code is complex, unfair, and insufficient. Learn more about the opportunity we have to reform and improve tax policy.