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    The Fiscal Summit is the premier annual gathering dedicated to advancing solutions to America's long-term fiscal challenges, and the Peter G. Peterson Foundation's signature event. The Summit convenes the nation's most influential elected leaders, fiscal policy experts, and thought leaders to analyze the trends shaping the country, and how they directly impact our ability to invest, compete, and generate opportunity for all Americans.


    2015 Fiscal Summit: Opening Remarks

    Michael Peterson, President and CEO of the Foundation opened the Fiscal Summit by outlining America's opportunity to "invent its future." While short-term deficits are down, Peterson noted that our long-term fiscal trajectory remains dangerously unsustainable. As the economic recovery gains strength, we have more flexibility and options, and "a new window of opportunity to begin to address the nation's long-term fiscal imbalances," he said.


    2013 Fiscal Summit: Facing the Future

    America and many countries around the world are changing rapidly. Global competitiveness is increasing as nations improve their economic production and grow more prosperous. Science and technology offer tremendous opportunities for innovation, and those countries that lead technologically will also lead economically. At the same time, America faces a range of evolving challenges at home, including issues such as demographics, immigration, education, and national security.


Fiscal Confidence Index

Survey: Modeled after the Consumer Confidence Index, the Fiscal Confidence Index is a monthly national survey that measures public opinion about the national debt.

The Tax Reform Opportunity

Video: Our tax code is complex, unfair, and insufficient. Learn more about the opportunity we have to reform and improve tax policy.