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    Press Advisory: Infographic — Welcome Back, Congress

    Contact: press@pgpg.org

    The House and Senate return from August break today with their work cut out for them on the fiscal front. While the issues are serious, unfortunately there’s not much time to act. Whether it’s finding consensus on a $90 billion budget gap before the end of the fiscal year, or next month’s looming debt ceiling debate, these challenges are urgent and demand leadership.


    Press Advisory: Why Long-Term Debt Matters: New Analysis + Infographic

    Contact: media@pgpf.org

    Recently, a number of commentators have urged policymakers to move away from the fiscal policy debate. Reports of "good news" on the fiscal front are being used to suggest that it's time to move on as improvements in the economy, a better 10-year budget outlook, and slower healthcare cost growth have allegedly reduced the need for a comprehensive budget deal.


    Press Advisory: A New Way To Look At Our National Debt

    Contact: media@pgpf.org

    Today, we’re launching an original series of interactive data visualizations that are a new way to look at our national fiscal picture. We’re proud to release the first in the series, "Long-Term Debt: An Unsustainable Future," which shows that while we’ve made some short-term, modest improvements, we still haven’t addressed the major drivers of our long-term debt.


    Addressing Our Debt A National Security Imperative

    We are former senior government officials who have served during eight Presidential administrations, Democratic and Republican, and former leaders in Congress from both parties. We join together now because we strongly believe that our long-term debt is the single greatest threat to our national security, and we urge elected leaders to agree by the end of this year on a plan that both averts the fiscal cliff and puts the debt on a downward path.


    40 Years and Counting: The Independent and Effective Congressional Budget Office

    This February marks 40 years since the establishment of the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) — a nonpartisan government agency that provides information to Congress about the budget and economy. Since its inception, CBO has earned a well-deserved reputation as an impartial budget referee, widely respected for its independence and effectiveness in providing information and analysis to lawmakers.


Fiscal Confidence Index

Survey: Modeled after the Consumer Confidence Index, the Fiscal Confidence Index is a monthly national survey that measures public opinion about the national debt.

The Tax Reform Opportunity

Video: Our tax code is complex, unfair, and insufficient. Learn more about the opportunity we have to reform and improve tax policy.