November 18, 2015

2016 Election Toolkit & POLITICO Caucus

As the 2016 election continues to heat up, the Peterson Foundation has launched a new Election Toolkit as a helpful resource throughout the campaign, highlighting the connection between America's fiscal outlook and our economy. A few featured items in the Toolkit to check out:

  • See the TOP TEN reasons why fiscal and economic issues should be at the forefront of the 2016 election conversation
  • Read about the SOLUTIONS INITIATIVE, which brought together policy organizations from across the political spectrum to develop long-term fiscal plans
  • Read about POLLING showing that voters want their candidates to take on the nation's long-term fiscal challenges in this election

Additionally, PGPF is partnering with POLITICO this campaign season to bring you the POLITICO Caucus: Economy and the Election events in Iowa and New Hampshire. Some of the most respected experts in politics and policy today from across the political spectrum will gather to discuss the key questions for the presidential candidates to answer. Join the conversation with #POLITICOCaucus or tweet your question to @pgpfoundation.


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