2018 Fiscal Summit Opening Remarks

May 11, 2018

As campaigns for the 2018 midterm elections get underway within a rapidly changing policy environment, the ninth-annual Fiscal Summit convened voices from across the political and ideological spectrum to examine the urgent need for a fiscal reset that puts America on a sustainable course for economic growth and prosperity.

As interest rates continue to rise and we return to trillion-dollar deficits as early as next year, we will face increased budgetary pressures. Absent a change in course, we will confront reduced public and private investments, less flexibility to deal with future crises, and diminishing economic opportunities for Americans.

Now, while the economy is strong, it is time to face the challenge anew, and reset our priorities to create the conditions for sustained economic growth and prosperity into the future.

In his opening remarks at the 2018 Fiscal Summit, Michael A. Peterson addressed the nation’s fiscal challenges.

Why Fiscal Issues Matter in the 2018 Election

This election season is a critical opportunity for candidates to talk to voters about solutions to put us on a better path.


This series of infographics helps put some of today's most pressing fiscal debates in context.