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    US 2050

    What will America look like at mid-century? US 2050 will examine and analyze the multiple demographic, socioeconomic, and fiscal trends that will shape the nation in the decades ahead.

    Programs & Projects

    Financial Fragility Among Middle-Income Households: Evidence Beyond Asset Building

    This paper explores the determinants of financial fragility of American middle-income households ($50,000–75,000 annually). It analyzes the socioeconomic characteristics of fragile middle-income households (defined as unable to come up with $2,000 in a month). It focuses on family size, debt levels, degree of financial literacy and the ability of these households to plan for retirement.

    Programs & Projects

    Racial Differences on the Future of Work: A Survey of the American Workforce

    Through a survey, this project assesses worker sentiments about technological advances, training opportunities and responsibility for preparing workers for a changing economy. It provides results for non-Hispanic white, African American, Latinx and Asian American/Pacific Islander populations.

    Programs & Projects

    Immigration and Tomorrow’s Elderly

    This project examines the role immigrants play in health and caregiving and builds on research that suggests that elderly individuals living in immigrant-dense areas are more likely to both “age in place” and enjoy lower mortality. It explores how immigration policy will affect the caregiving labor force in 2050 and how those labor force effects could affect the health of the elderly population.

    Programs & Projects

    Neighborhood Disadvantage and Children’s Cognitive Skill Trajectories

    This study examines how neighborhood disadvantage is associated with children’s trajectories of growth in math and reading skills in early elementary school. It seeks to understand better how the communities in which children attend school affect their academic success in early grades, and how these associations vary by students’ characteristics.

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