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    About the Peterson Foundation

    Michael A. Peterson

    As chairman and chief executive officer of the Peter G. Peterson Foundation, Michael Peterson oversees the strategic direction of the Foundation, guiding policy and shaping strategy for its major initiatives, key partnerships, and long-term objectives.

    About the Peterson Foundation

    Joan Ganz Cooney

    Joan Ganz Cooney, is co-founder of the Children's Television Workshop (renamed, Sesame Workshop June 2000) and originator of the preschool educational series, Sesame Street, and served as President and Chief Executive Officer until 1990.

    About the Peterson Foundation

    PGPF Progress Report: 2012-2014

    The Peter G. Peterson Foundation leverages its unique role as an effective convener of individuals, organizations and ideas. In bringing together America's most respected voices from across the ideological spectrum, the Foundation demonstrates that good solutions not only exist, but they also can gain broad support.

Understanding the Coronavirus Crisis

Key fiscal and economic indicators as the nation responds and recovers.

National Debt Clock

See the latest numbers and learn more about the causes of our high and rising debt.