Center for American Progress

Awarded Grants


To support the 2013 annual convening of leading policymakers and thought leaders.


Fiscal Solutions Phase II: Revise and update long-term fiscal solutions proposals, including identification of top policy priorities for the new Administration and Congress, proposal implementation over the first ten years, and how the proposals address the "fiscal cliff."


To support the development of new policy ideas to contain federal and overall healthcare spending and improve the value and efficiency of Medicare and the healthcare system, and advance these ideas through outreach, education, and partnerships with policymakers and stakeholders


To support the 2012 annual convening of leading policymakers and thought leaders.


To support studies of health care cost containment strategies, including payment bundling and accountable care organizations.


To support the development of comprehensive and specific solutions to address the nation's long-term fiscal challenges, as part of the Peter G. Peterson Foundation Solutions Initiative.

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