Altarum Institute

Jul 1, 2009

Altarum Institute is a nonprofit health systems research and consulting organization. Altarum integrates independent research and client-centered consulting to create comprehensive, systems-based solutions that improve health. With the rigor of the finest research institution, consulting skills honed over more than six decades, and an abiding commitment to the public interest, Altarum Institute enables better care and better health for all people. Systems research is the work Altarum performs to help clients understand and solve the underlying issues that cause the health care delivery and financing systems they oversee to become inefficient, ineffective, or unsustainable. The Altarum Institute Systems Change Model informs every aspect of the Institute’s efforts to respond to the needs of our clients and funders and to make “better health” a reality. This model considers the larger environment in which systems operate and problems arise. It identifies critical interactions within and across systems and focuses on the root causes that can lead systems to fail. The ability to visualize this “complete picture” enables comprehensive solutions to complex health care problems, facilitating sustained performance improvement and organizational learning. Foundation funds helped pay for a June 2009 conference in Washington, DC. The conference brought together distinguished scholars, health policy experts, and members of the media to discuss three health care challenges at the heart of our fiscal crisis: balancing costs associated with achieving health equity; establishing a culture of health; and promoting innovative models of care and delivery.

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