Center for Strategic and International Studies

Sep 13, 2019

To support the 2019 Peter G. Peterson Foundation Fiscal Internship Program.
Grant Amount (FY 2019): $5,000

To support a review by the Global Aging Initiative of the lessons from abroad for the U.S. entitlement debate.
Grant Amount (FY 2014): $50,000

To support the Strengthening of America — Our Children's Future Forum, a series of public events that stimulated dialogue between leading current and former government officials on the the impact of America's long-term fiscal challenges on its economic and national security.
Grant Amount (FY 2013): $200,000

To support the Global Aging Initiative, a project exploring the long-term economic, social, and geopolitical implications of demographic trends in the United States and around the world.
Grant Amount (FY 2013): $50,000

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