Harvard University (School of Public Health)

Sep 17, 2019

To identify and assess factors which enable effective implementation of innovations in healthcare.
Grant Amount (FY 2020): $634,000

To identify policy solutions to address excessive healthcare price increases in markets with limited competition.
Grant Amount (FY 2019): $235,000

To support the design of a scalable change management solution to reduce hospital overuse in the U.S.
Grant Amount (FY 2018): $1,393,000

To support work on high cost/high risk patients, in partnership with Institute of Medicine and Bipartisan Policy Center.
Grant Amount (FY 2015): $687,000

To support the mapping and evaluation of overuse of procedures identified through the Choosing Wisely initiative, proposing strategies and policy recommendation for reducing them, and estimating potential resulting cost savings.
Grant Amount (FY 2014): $185,000

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