National Academy of Sciences / Institute of Medicine

Oct 17, 2011

Addressing the costs and quality of health care

No segment of America’s economy is a greater threat to long-term prosperity than our health care system. To further efforts to reduce the costs and improve the quality of health care in this country, PGPF has provided grant money to the Institute of Medicine, the health arm of the National Academy of Science.

IOM is an independent, nonprofit organization that provides unbiased and authoritative advice to decision makers and the public. With PGPF funding, IOM hosted a series of meetings between experts from across the sector with three critical aims: identifying the elements of health care that provide the most value; reducing waste and inefficiency in the health care system; and delivering care that is proven to work. These meetings led to the publication of The Healthcare Imperative: Lowering Costs and Improving Outcomes, which presents their findings and discusses steps necessary to lower the nation’s health care expenses by 10% over time while improving quality. A summary of the report linked here highlights a number of key opportunities and cost reduction strategies identified during the discussions that are currently available to many healthcare providers.

For more information, read IOM’s press release, the workshop highlights of the report, and an infographic illustrating some of their findings.

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