Research Foundation of the City University of New York

May 1, 2012

Task Force on the State Budget Crisis

In July 2011, PGPF provided a $500,000 grant to the Task Force on the State Budget Crisis, co-chaired by former Federal Reserve Board Chairman Paul Volcker and former Lieutenant Governor of New York Richard Ravitch, to analyze fiscal challenges at the state level. Other funders include the Open Society Foundations, the Kauffman Foundation, the Gates Foundation, and the MacArthur Foundation. Through their work the Task Force hopes to: change the public discussion of state budgets in a way that focuses on their longer-term sustainability; influence policymakers in a way that leads to better budget planning and management; and disseminate information to policymakers, the public, and other audiences about the true financial condition of governments.Link to the article on Volcker & Ravitch’s work in the Wall Street Journal (11/21/11)

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