May 31, 2017

With the Administration unveiling the president’s budget plan this month and lawmakers on Capitol Hill considering major pieces of legislation that would affect the country’s fiscal outlook, voters remain concerned about the national debt and the fiscal well-being of the country. The Fiscal Confidence Index for May is 54 (100 is neutral), and nearly seven in ten voters (69%) say their level of concern about the debt has increased over the last few years, a five-point jump from last month (64%).

PGPF President and CEO Michael A. Peterson commented on this month's results:

“As the administration releases its budget and Congress continues debate on a number of key reform areas, Americans are asking our leaders to prioritize our fiscal future. Voters want the President and Congress to work together to achieve durable policy solutions for the fiscal health of our nation. They understand that putting our fiscal house in order will help build a foundation for a growing, thriving economy.”

Launched in 2012, the Fiscal Confidence Index measures public opinion about America's national debt and the economy. See the full results for May, and read this month's press release, which includes the survey questions and polling response breakdowns.

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