A Brighter Future

At the Peter G. Peterson Foundation, we believe that together we can secure a healthy, growing economy by addressing America’s long-term fiscal challenges.

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Tax Quiz

Tax Quiz: How much do you know?

The lengthy and complex United States tax code can be difficult for Americans to understand. So, it’s not surprising that there are many common misconceptions about the tax system.

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Budget Basics: Who Pays Taxes?

The fairness of our tax system is a hotly debated issue. Check out our explainer that dispels a few myths about who pays taxes.

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The Debt Ceiling Reinstated

What does reinstating the debt ceiling mean for federal policymaking and the economy?

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CBO Warns: Fiscal Outlook Remains Unsustainable

Under current law, federal debt is now projected to reach 150 percent of GDP within 30 years — by far an all-time high.

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The Fiscal Challenge

$19,846,252,141,589.26 USD

America’s growing long-term debt affects economic growth and opportunities for future generations. It’s not a political or partisan issue – it’s simple math. With nearly 76 million baby boomers retiring and living much longer, combined with a highly inefficient healthcare system, and a tax code that fails to generate sufficient revenues, America finds itself with a very risky long-term fiscal outlook.


Finding Solutions

We believe that by working together, we can create comprehensive, bipartisan solutions to address our fiscal challenges. We work to bring Americans together to find and implement sensible, long-term fiscal solutions for a strong, healthy economy that transcend age, party lines, and ideological divides in order to achieve real results.

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What We’re Doing

We are a non-partisan organization dedicated to increasing awareness and accelerating action on America’s long-term fiscal challenges. We partner with like-minded organizations and experts to support innovative programs and projects that provide accurate, objective analysis, and promising fiscal solutions.

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What You Can Do

The time to act is now. Education is key – it’s critical that Americans understand what’s at stake and the tradeoffs that are needed to get our country back on a sustainable fiscal path to a growing economy. We also have to make a commitment to support our elected leaders from both parties who want to do the right thing.

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