August 29, 2017

As policymakers prepare to return to Washington from their August recess, voters expect them to prioritize fiscal solutions as they tackle a busy legislative agenda, according to new polling. The Fiscal Confidence Index for August is 56 (100 is neutral), and most voters strongly believe that the President and Congress should spend more time focusing on the national debt (76% more time; 52% “a lot” more time).

PGPF President and CEO Michael A. Peterson commented on this month's results:

“Lawmakers have an important agenda ahead as they return from recess, and Americans expect them to address our nation’s unsustainable fiscal outlook as they contend with these key issues. As the debt ceiling and other budget deadlines near, and as we debate much needed tax reform, voters are urgently calling on their leaders to focus on stabilizing our national debt. Voters know our economy is at stake, and are calling for solutions that put our country on a fiscally sustainable path.”

Launched in 2012, the Fiscal Confidence Index measures public opinion about America's national debt and the economy. See the full results for August, and read this month's press release, which includes the survey questions and polling response breakdowns.

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