February 1, 2016

Up to Us: 4th annual competition kicks off

Today, Up to Us kicks off at colleges and universities across the country, with three weeks of creative and thought-provoking non-partisan campaigns to raise awareness and inspire action on America’s unsustainable long-term fiscal path. The competition, sponsored by the Peter G. Peterson Foundation in partnership with the Clinton Global Initiative University (CGI U) and Net Impact, will bring together student teams from 53 colleges and universities in 28 states.

This Up to Us competition officially began in October 2015 when 73 schools in 28 states participated in the second annual My Two Cents Day, a student-led day of mobilization to engage, educate and inspire action among millennials on the nation’s long-term fiscal and economic health. The student teams participating in My Two Cents Day shared over 2,500 photos on social media, and the hashtags #MTCD and #UpToUs appeared in more than 2.8 million social media feeds. In addition, more than 6,650 students signed a pledge to tell their member of Congress that securing the nation’s fiscal future is important to them. The pledge was sent to 414 members representing 47 states.

Click here to learn more about this year's Up to Us competition, including comments from PGPF President Michael A. Peterson. Visit the Up to Us website to find out more about program, and follow the student-led activities across social platforms using #UpToUs.

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