March 15, 2016

Poll: Voters Want Candidates to Address National Debt

Both Democratic and Republican voters want the presidential candidates to take to make the debt a larger campaign issue, according to recent polls conducted by Global Strategy Group and North Star Opinion Research. Voters widely agree (79%) that a presidential candidate from their party should make the national debt one of the top three priorities of his or her campaign, including overwhelming majorities of Democrats (71%) and Republicans (92%).

Voters want to hear more about the national debt during the primaries, with a clear majority (71%) agreeing that primary candidates should make addressing the debt a larger part of their campaign platforms. Only 15% of voters believe the issue should make up a smaller part of campaigns' platforms.

Furthermore, candidates can benefit electorally by committing to plans to address the debt: Of the 1,006 registered voters polled, 55% said that they would be more likely to vote for a candidate for president who supports a bipartisan plan to address the debt. A majority of voters — 51% of Democrats and 64% of Republicans — also said they would be more interested in this year's elections if candidates spent more time focusing on the issue.

For a more detailed breakdown of the polling results and methodology, check out the polling memo. If you also care about the national debt, you can let the candidates know.

Image credit: Getty Images

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