February 5, 2015

Charting a New Course for America's Economic Future

Addressing our nation’s long-term fiscal challenges is essential to building an economic future that is dynamic, innovative, competitive, compassionate and full of opportunity for the next generation.

These and other ideas are laid out in Foundation Chairman Pete Peterson’s latest book, STEERING CLEAR: How To Avoid A Debt Crisis And Secure Our Economic Future. Pete discusses a range of non-partisan solutions and recommendations to steer the nation towards fiscal health and economic strength. See excerpt below:

"I see an America that has the best educated — and most highly skilled — workforce in the world and whose workers have strong training in math, science, and technological skills... I see an America with much less inequality of income and much more upward mobility ...I see an America whose safety net is secure for the vulnerable and whose entitlement programs are sustainable for the long run. I see an America with a healthcare system that provides better care at lower costs. All of these things are possible if we act to stabilize America’s long-term debt. None will be achievable if we don’t." — Peter G. Peterson in Steering Clear

To read more of Pete’s thoughts on our nation’s fiscal and economic future, visit: www.SteeringClearTheBook.com.

What Does the Debt Mean for Our Future?

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