Problem Solvers Caucus: Identifying Areas of Common Ground

May 11, 2018

In an era where politics dictate policy, the Problem Solvers Caucus is a unique, bipartisan group of leaders who seek areas of common ground. Rep. Tom Reed, a Republican, and Rep. Derek Kilmer, a Democrat, appeared together on stage to discuss the political challenges in reaching across the aisle, as well as the opportunity that exists for collaboration and compromise to make progress in critical policy areas. These policymakers discussed whether a political center exists — or can be formed — to tackle our nation’s fiscal challenges.

This interview with Rep. Tom Reed (R-NY) and Rep. Derek Kilmer (D-WA) was conducted by Marketplace's Kimberly Adams as part of the 2018 Fiscal Summit.

Rep. Tom Reed (R-NY)

Co-chair, Problem Solvers Caucus; Member, U.S. House Committee on Ways and Means

Rep. Tom Reed currently represents New York’s 23rd District. As a member of the Ways and Means Committee, Tom assisted with reforming our broken tax code and passed historic tax cuts for American workers and businesses. The committee is responsible for addressing issues of tax policy trade, health care, and Social Security. Congressman Reed sits on the Trade, Health, and Human Resources subcommittees. He serves as Co-Chair of the Congressional Diabetes Caucus, the House Manufacturing Caucus, and the Problem Solvers Caucus. Congressman Reed remains committed to championing job creation by tackling our national debt, reducing burdensome regulations on small businesses, and developing an “all of the above” energy policy.

Rep. Derek Wilmer (D-WA)

Member, Problem Solvers Caucus; Vice Ranking Member, U.S. House Committee on Appropriations; Member, Joint Select Committee on Budget and Appropriations Process Reform; Vice Chair, New Democrat Coalition

Rep. Derek Kilmer represents Washington’s 6th Congressional District. Prior to joining Congress, he worked as a consultant for McKinsey & Co and spent a decade working in economic development in Tacoma, Washington. His business background shaped his views on the importance of improving the nation’s fiscal health. As a member of the New Democrat Coalition, Bipartisan Working Group, and Problem Solvers Caucus, he has worked with members from both parties to fix Congress’s broken budgeting process. He is the co-chair of the Bipartisan Working Group, which is dedicated to addressing the nation’s fiscal challenges. With the group’s co-chair, he co-wrote the Fiscal State of the Nation Resolution, which would require the Comptroller General to address a joint session of Congress on the nation’s fiscal health to raise awareness of the issue. He is a member of the House Committee on Appropriations, and was recently appointed to the Joint Select Committee on Budget and Appropriations Process Reform, a bipartisan, bicameral committee tasked with fixing Congress’ broken budgeting and appropriations system to prevent future government shutdowns.

Kimberly Adams, Senior Reporter, PBS Marketplace

Senior Reporter, Marketplace

Kimberly Adams covers the intersection of politics and the economy for Marketplace from the Washington, D.C. Bureau, and is a fill-in host for Marketplace Morning Report, Marketplace Tech, and Marketplace Weekend. Her recent coverage areas have included the development and passage of the tax law, as well as other economic shifts under the Trump administration.

Before moving to D.C., Kimberly reported on the political, social, and economic upheaval in Egypt following the Arab Spring as a freelance journalist based in Cairo. While reporting in Cairo, she received awards from the National Association of Black Journalists, the Religion Communicators Council, the Association for Women in Communication, and the International Women’s Media Foundation. Prior to freelancing, Kimberly worked as a producer for NPR from the D.C. headquarters, covering politics, culture, and breaking news.

Kimberly currently serves on the Board of Governors for the National Press Club, as well as the board of Community Crisis Services, Inc. of Prince George’s County. She holds degrees in journalism and political science from the University of Missouri-Columbia and a graduate diploma in political science from the American University in Cairo.

Twitter: KA_Marketplace

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