Statement from Foundation Vice Chairman, Michael A. Peterson, on the Cooper-LaTourette Amendment

Mar 29, 2012

"Representatives Cooper and LaTourette have displayed courage and leadership by putting party ideology aside and working together to foster a bipartisan approach to our long-term fiscal challenges.

"In an era of divided government, the only viable fiscal plan is a bipartisan fiscal plan. The House Republican Budget and the Administration Budget reflect the priorities of their own parties, but to address this critical national imperative successfully, both parties will need to make concessions from their preferred positions.

"The Cooper-LaTourette amendment illustrates the types of choices that must be considered if we are going to get our fiscal house in order. Though this first vote was unsuccessful, Representatives Cooper and LaTourette and their supporters have demonstrated a constructive model of the type of bipartisan legislative framework that is necessary to solve our nation's fiscal challenges."

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