Peterson Foundation Launches Fiscal and Economic Toolkit for Candidates this Election Season

Sep 18, 2014
Contact: Sarah Stipicevic, (212) 542-9265

As Election Day Approaches, the Election 2014 Fiscal & Economic Toolkit offers Non-Partisan Research, Insights and Analysis to Spur and Inform Discussions about the Connection between the Nation's Fiscal Health and Economic Future

NEW YORK — Today, the non-partisan Peter G. Peterson Foundation launched the Election 2014 Fiscal & Economic Toolkit, a multimedia resource for research, information and analysis related to the nation’s fiscal and economic challenges. As candidates talk to voters about the issues affecting America’s future this election season, the Election 2014 Fiscal & Economic Toolkit provides a wealth of material to inform the conversation, including infographics, charts, polling data, and videos illustrating the connection between fiscal health and economic strength. In addition to being made publicly available online, the materials contained in the toolkit will be provided to all general election candidates for federal office this year.

"Fiscal and economic issues remain at the top of voters’ minds this election season, and this resource will help inform a critically important conversation about America’s future," said Michael A. Peterson, President and COO of the Peter G. Peterson Foundation. "By illustrating the nature of the challenge — and demonstrating that there are many viable solutions — we hope this information will spur a productive dialogue between candidates and voters about ways to secure our economic and fiscal future."

Fiscal and economic issues continue to rank among the most important for voters. As seen in a recent poll, 91% of voters believe a stable fiscal foundation will lead to economic growth, and 8 in 10 say addressing long-term debt will make economic mobility and opportunity more attainable for everyday Americans. Voters clearly expect fiscal plans from their candidates as the latest Fiscal Confidence Index poll shows 83% of voters are calling for Washington to spend more time addressing our long-term fiscal challenges.

Example resources in the toolkit include:

For more information about the resources included, visit:

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