Nation’s Policy and Political Leaders to Outline Fiscal and Economic Landscape for Next President

May 5, 2016


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Democratic Leader Pelosi, Senators Enzi, Graham, Whitehouse and Manchin, Secretary Hagel, CBO Director Hall, and More to Address “Leadership for a Secure Future” at Peterson Foundation Fiscal Summit on May 11th in Washington, DC

Additional participants to include Former CBO Directors Holtz-Eakin and Reischauer, Admiral Mullen, Senator Nunn, Economic Advisors to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, and more

NEW YORK — The Peter G. Peterson Foundation will convene the 2016 Fiscal Summit: Leadership for a Secure Future on Wednesday, May 11, 2016, at the Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium in Washington, DC. In the midst of a heated election year, the Foundation’s seventh-annual Fiscal Summit will bring together leading experts and policymakers to explore the leadership required to secure America’s future and put forward recommendations for the next President to make progress on our long-term fiscal and economic challenges.

At $19 trillion and growing, the national debt threatens our fiscal, economic and national security. Voters understand that our nation’s strength and prosperity are dependent on our fiscal health. On our current path, the debt is projected to grow to levels that will negatively impact our future economy. Our global standing and ability to confront our greatest threats tomorrow are dependent on our leaders today.

The 2016 Fiscal Summit will provide a national platform for this essential election-year conversation. Throughout the day policymakers, experts, and thought leaders will assess what needs to be accomplished in the next four to eight years to meet our nation’s priorities.

2016 Summit participants will include:

  • House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)
  • Senator Mike Enzi (R-WY), Chairman of the Senate Budget Committee
  • Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC)
  • Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI)
  • Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV)
  • Secretary Chuck Hagel, 24th United States Secretary of Defense and former U.S. Senator
  • Senator Sam Nunn, former U.S. Senator, and Co-Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI)
  • Michael Mullen, USN (Ret.), 17th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
  • Keith Hall, Director of the U.S. Congressional Budget Office
  • Douglas Holtz-Eakin, President of the American Action Forum and former Director of the U.S. Congressional Budget Office
  • Robert Reischauer, President Emeritus of the Urban Institute and former Director of the U.S. Congressional Budget Office
  • Heather Boushey, Executive Director and Chief Economist at the Washington Center for Equitable Growth
  • Sam Clovis, National Co-Chair and Chief Policy Advisor to Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.
  • David Kamin, Economic Advisor to Hillary for America
  • James Pethokoukis, Editor of AEIdeas and DeWitt Wallace Fellow at American Enterprise Institute

Moderators and interviewers for the Summit will include:

  • Dana Bash, Chief Political Correspondent, CNN
  • Mark Halperin, Managing Editor of Bloomberg Politics, and co-host of MSNBC and Bloomberg's “With All Due Respect”
  • John Harwood, Chief Washington Correspondent for CNBC and political writer for The New York Times
  • John Heilemann, Managing Editor of Bloomberg Politics, and co-host of MSNBC and Bloomberg's “With All Due Respect”
  • Ruth Marcus, Columnist, The Washington Post
  • David Sanger, National Security Correspondent, The New York Times

In addition to the panel discussions, attendees will have the opportunity to participate in the Foundation’s “Ask for a Plan” campaign. This national campaign is educating voters about the nation’s fiscal security, and encourages them to ask candidates for federal office for their plan to address it. Participants can send a message asking presidential candidates and their candidates for the U.S. Senate and U.S. House for a fiscal plan at

More information about the Summit is available at:

To request press credentials to attend the Fiscal Summit, please email Joanna Hill at Space is limited.

WHAT: 2016 Fiscal Summit: Leadership for a Secure Future
WHEN: Wednesday, May 11, 2016
WHERE: Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium in Washington, DC

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