Seven Leading Think Tanks Put Forward Plans to Significantly Reduce Nation’s Debt

Jun 12, 2019

Peterson Foundation’s ‘Solutions Initiative’ Produces Policy Options to Build Stronger Fiscal Future for America

NEW YORK (JUNE 12, 2019) — Seven of the nation’s leading think tanks, representing views from across the political spectrum, have put forward comprehensive, 30-year budget plans that significantly improve America’s fiscal outlook. The plans were released as part of the Peter G. Peterson Foundation’s Solutions Initiative 2019: Charting a Sustainable Future, a unique policy project demonstrating that many solutions exist to manage America’s debt and build a stronger future for our nation.

Each organization’s specific, scoreable plan was unveiled yesterday at the Peterson Foundation’s 10th annual Fiscal Summit.

Participating organizations include:

“These seven policy organizations recognize the need to reduce our debt in order to meet our nation’s many pressing challenges, and have put forward comprehensive fiscal plans,” said Michael A. Peterson, CEO of the Peter G. Peterson Foundation. “Stabilizing our high and rising debt is critical part of building a foundation for America’s future. The many policy proposals included in the Solutions Initiative can serve as a blueprint for lawmakers to implement fiscal solutions that create conditions for growth, opportunity and prosperity for the next generation.”

Solutions Initiative 2019: Projected federal debt

The participating organizations shared their plans yesterday in a special event in Washington, D.C., as part of the Peterson Foundation’s Fiscal Summit.

Solutions Initiative 2019

For more information about the Solutions Initiative, and to view the seven plans, click here.


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