Peter G. Peterson Foundation Announces Second Phase of Solutions Initiative

Nov 16, 2012


Five think tanks present policy solutions that address the fiscal cliff and America’s long-term fiscal challenges

NEW YORK — As President Obama and Congressional leaders meet to discuss the impending fiscal cliff, an ideologically diverse group of think tanks will present strategies for addressing the fiscal cliff, as well as America's long-term fiscal and economic challenges. Building on work that began with the Foundation's Solutions Initiative last year, experts from the American Action Forum, the Bipartisan Policy Center, the Center for American Progress, the Economic Policy Institute and The Heritage Foundation have each composed specific plans to set the country on a more sustainable fiscal path, and set out their top priorities for the President and Congress.

"Any feasible solution to our fiscal challenges must be bipartisan," said Foundation Chairman Pete Peterson. "As political leaders begin negotiating the path forward on the nation's fiscal challenges, these plans showcase the variety of specific policy approaches that contain the elements of a bipartisan deal. Instead of allowing the fiscal cliff to trigger another recession, or further delaying action to fix our deficits, leaders should seize this opportunity to pass a comprehensive fiscal plan that stabilizes our long-term debt and builds a stronger economic future."

For more information about the new Solutions Initiative II, and to read the different plans, click here.

Experts from the five think tanks will present their strategies for long-term debt reduction and negotiating the fiscal cliff at a forum convened by the Peter G. Peterson Foundation, Post Election: The Fiscal Cliff and Beyond on Friday, November 16. The work of the five think tanks was supported by grants from the Foundation.

For Media Inquiries About Specific Plans:

American Action Forum: Noelle Clemente, 240-888-7310
Bipartisan Policy Center: Ashley Berrang, 202-637-1456
Center for American Progress: Andrea Purse, 202-741-6250
Economic Policy Institute: Phoebe Silag, 202-331-5546
The Heritage Foundation: Marguerite Higgins, 202-608-6148

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