Peter G. Peterson Foundation's 'Solutions Initiative III' Demonstrates Range of Policy Solutions to Stabilize Fiscal Outlook

May 18, 2015

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Peterson Foundation convenes experts from five leading think tanks from across the ideological spectrum to offer plans to solve America’s long-term fiscal imbalances and build a vibrant, growing economy of the future

American Action Forum, American Enterprise Institute, Bipartisan Policy Center, Center for American Progress, and Economic Policy Institute to unveil comprehensive plans to address America's long-term fiscal challenges at Peterson Foundation's sixth-annual Fiscal Summit in Washington

NEW YORK — The results of the Peterson Foundation’s Solutions Initiative III are in: researchers from five leading think tanks agree that there are many ways to stabilize the nation’s long-term debt. In the third iteration of its Solutions Initiative, the Peterson Foundation once again convened policy organizations from across the ideological spectrum to put forward comprehensive plans to improve America’s unsustainable fiscal outlook in the decades ahead.

Experts from the five participating organizations — the American Action Forum, the American Enterprise Institute, the Bipartisan Policy Center, the Center for American Progress, and the Economic Policy Institute — each developed specific, "scoreable" policy proposals to set the federal budget on a sustainable, long-term path. As a part of Solutions Initiative III, each group also drafted a memo to the next President and Congress, identifying its top three priorities for policymakers following the next election cycle. The full plans to stabilize America’s debt over the long term will be released and discussed at the Peterson Foundation’s 2015 Fiscal Summit: Opportunity for America.

"The Solutions Initiative plans demonstrate the many ways to build a brighter fiscal and economic future for America," said Foundation President and CEO Michael A. Peterson. "A strong fiscal foundation is an essential component of a thriving economy. These leading experts have developed a range of solutions to stabilize the long-term debt and chart a better course for the nation. While the plans are different and reflect the policy priorities of each organization, it’s clear that there are many options available to our leaders in Washington."

For more information about the Solutions Initiative III, and to view the plans from the five organizations, click here.

For Media Inquiries about Specific Plans:
American Action Forum: Marisol Garibay, 202-370-3443
American Enterprise Institute: Paige Tenkhoff, 202-862-5904
Bipartisan Policy Center: Jonathan Yuan, 202-637-1455
Center for American Progress: Allison Preiss, 202-478-6331
Economic Policy Institute: Dan Crawford, 202-775-8810

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