Peterson Foundation to Convene Leading Experts on U.S. Fiscal Challenges at Republican and Democratic National Conventions

Aug 24, 2012

Participants in the "Fiscal Thursday" events, held in partnership with Bloomberg LP, will discuss America's critical fiscal challenges, their impact on economic growth today and in the future and how Washington can break through gridlock and find solutions.
Speakers include Senator Dick Durbin, Governor John Hickenlooper, Former Secretary of the Treasury Robert Rubin, Former Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez, Former Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao, and American Action Forum President Douglas Holtz-Eakin.

NEW YORK — The Peter G. Peterson Foundation announced today that it is sponsoring "Fiscal Thursday" at both the Republican and Democratic National Conventions in partnership with Bloomberg LP. The events are part of a broader effort by the Foundation to foster greater discussion on the nation's long-term fiscal challenges during the 2012 election campaign season. Held at a critical moment during the campaign, and amid growing concern about the economic consequences of the impending "fiscal cliff," the events will bring together policy experts and political, business and civic leaders to discuss the implications of America's fiscal challenges for the economy and the election.

"The greatest threat to our nation’s growth, prosperity and opportunity is our unsustainable fiscal path," said Foundation Chairman Peter G. Peterson. "Serious discussion of real solutions to our fiscal challenges should be at the center of the national debate, but has been far too absent from this election campaign. We are bringing these issues to the national conventions to generate real discussion, and help build the political will for action after the elections are over."

"Fiscal Thursday" will include morning and afternoon sessions. The morning sessions will feature key policymakers and experts discussing the nation’s fiscal and economic challenges, and strategies for laying the groundwork for action after Election Day. The afternoon sessions will feature top leaders from government and the private sector discussing the impact that Washington's fiscal gridlock has on business and economic growth, and how to solve the nation’s fiscal problems and provide a needed boost of confidence to the economy.

Participants in the events on Thursday August 30th at the Bloomberg Link at the Republican National Convention will include:

Carlos Gutierrez, Former Commerce Secretary Douglas Holtz-Eakin, President, American Action Forum Elaine Chao, Former Secretary of Labor Robert Litan, Director of Research, Bloomberg Government, and Former Associate Director of the Office of Management and Budget

Moderators: Trish Regan, Anchor, Street Smart and Josh Tyrangiel, Editor, Bloomberg Businessweek

The Bloomberg Link
601 S. Harbour Island Boulevard
Tampa, FL 33602

Participants in the events on Thursday September 6th at the Bloomberg Link at the Democratic National Convention will include:

Senator Dick Durbin Robert Rubin, Former Secretary of the Treasury Governor John Hickenlooper, Colorado John Podesta, Chairman, Center for American Progress Mayor Michael Nutter, Philadelphia General Treasurer Gina Raimondo, Rhode Island

Moderator: Julianna Goldman, White House Correspondent, Bloomberg News

The Bloomberg Link
EpiCentre — Level 3
210 East Trade Street
Charlotte, NC 28202

A final list of participants will be available closer to the day, at and The discussions will be live streamed at

Starting during the convention weeks and continuing throughout the election campaign, the Foundation will run a series of informational print and digital advertisements that call attention to the nation's pressing fiscal issues. Over the course of the fall and early 2013, the Foundation will continue to develop resources for the public, media and other stakeholders seeking in-depth analysis of key fiscal policy questions, as well as convene discussions examining the post-election fiscal agenda.

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