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7/20/20 | The Denver Post

Colorado Taxpayers Have and Extra Incentive to File a Return by Wednesday's Deadline

7/13/20 | The New York Times

Monthly U.S. Budget Deficit Soared to Record $864 Billion in June

7/13/20 | The Washington Times

Feds Spent $1 Trillion Last Month

7/13/20 | Washington Examiner

June Hits Record-Breaking Deficit as Coronavirus Response Generates Red Ink

7/10/20 | NBC

Poll Shows Second Stimulus Check Needed to Help Americans Pay Bills

7/9/20 | POLITICO

Key Battleground States Most Vulnerable to Cutoff in Jobless Aid

7/9/20 | Newsweek

Second Stimulus Checks Still Needed to Pay Essential Bills: Poll

7/8/20 | The Well News

Voters Growing More Doubtful of Sustained Economic Rebound

7/7/20 | U.S. News & World Report

Reports: Battered by COVID-19, States Face Cuts to Key Services

7/7/20 | Financial Times

US Voters MOre Pessimistic on Chances of Economic Rebound

7/7/20 | Newsweek

Older People, More at Risk From COVID-19, Taking Least Precautions: Poll

7/7/20 | KMOX-AM St. Louis

The Charlie Brennan Show with Amy Marxkors

7/3/20 | NBC News

Senate Republicans Cool to 2nd Round of Stimulus Checks, Direct Deposits

7/2/20 | POLITICO

Employment Won't Recover for a Decade, CBO Says

6/28/20 | USA Today

Fact Check: Verifying President Donald Trump's Alleged Failurs in Office

6/25/20 | Axios

Coronavirus Pandemic Prompts Record Food Stamp Spending

6/24/20 | Newsweek

COVID-19 Could Change the Future of America’s Minimum Wage

6/23/20 | Business Insider

How Tech Titans Like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft are Taking on the $3.6 Trillion Healthcare Industry

6/20/20 | Yahoo! finance

Here's What Joe Biden Means for Markets, Business and America

6/11/20 | The Washington Post

The GOP's Decision to Keep its 2016 Platform is, well, a Little Awkward for Trump

6/11/20 | The New York Times

With Jobless Benefits Set to Lapse, Congress Is at Odds Over an Extension

6/9/20 | Forbes

7 Reasons To Not Get Excited About May’s Jobs Report

6/9/20 | Financial Times

Coronavirus Fuels Black America's Sense of Injustice

6/9/20 | POLITICO

Downturn Spurred by Pandemic Tougher to Fix than 2008 Crisis, CBO Director Says

6/9/20 | The Washington Times

Trump Team Should Get 'A Lot of Credit' for Fast Coronavirus Stimulus: CBO

6/8/20 | Morningstar

75 Must-Know Statistics About Race, Income, and Wealth

6/8/20 | Legal Reader

COVID-19 Could Change the Future of America’s Minimum Wage

6/5/20 | Newsweek

Wisconsin Man Receives a Stimulus Check for Just $5.60

6/5/20 | S&P Global

COVID-19 Daily Update: June 5, 2020

6/5/20 | Latin Times

Most Americans Want a Second Stimulus Check so They Can Cover Basic Living Costs: Poll

6/4/20 | POLITICO

“Poll: Most Americans want a 2nd stimulus check from Congress”

6/4/20 | Newsweek

Poll Shows Most Americans Want Second Round Of Stimulus Checks

6/4/20 | Financial Times

Covid-19 Pandemic Hits Black Voters' Incomes Hardest, FT Poll Shows

6/4/20 | POLITICO

This Changes Everything — Except The Polls

6/4/20 | POLITICO

Some Green Shoots Emerge

6/1/20 | Bronx Times

Bronx College Students Use Campaign to Show That Youth Can Make a Difference

5/21/20 | Associated Press

Nearly 39 Million Have Lost Jobs in US Since Virus Took Hold

5/14/20 | Newsweek

National Debt Has Increased $5.2 Trillion During Trump's 3 Years as President

5/8/20 | C-SPAN

“Coronavirus Briefings & Events”

5/8/20 | C-SPAN

“Washington Journal”

5/7/20 | Financial Times

Most Americans Trust Governors Over Trump on Reopening, Poll Shows

5/7/20 | Yahoo! Finance

Jobless Claims Remain 'Frightening' as Employers Pull Back on Hiring

5/7/20 | ABC

"ABC News Desk"

5/3/20 | Bloomberg

Treasury’s $4 Trillion Funding Task Signals Record Auction Slate

5/1/20 | Axios

The Unemployment Insurance Conundrum

4/27/20 | U.S. News & World Report

The Coronavirus and the Coming Week of Bad News for the U.S. Economy

4/27/20 | Washington Examiner

States Face $500B Shortfalls as Congress Debates Aid

4/27/20 | Washington Examiner

States Face $500B Shortfalls as Congress Debates Aid

4/24/20 | CBS-WUSA


4/23/20 | Harvard Magazine

The Politics, Policymaking, and Public Consequences of Mounting Government Debt — and How to Cope with it

4/12/20 | The Washington Times

Coronavirus Pandemic, Rescue Bills Weak Havoc on Already Growing Federal Deficit

4/8/20 | CNN

Wall Street Rallies on Coronavirus Optimism

4/8/20 | Axios

“Sobering Stat”

4/8/20 | POLITICO

How Many Online Tools We Got?

4/7/20 | MSNBC

“Live with Stephanie Ruhle”

4/7/20 | Financial Times

Income of 73% in US Hit by Outbreak — FT-Peterson Poll

4/7/20 | American Public Media


4/7/20 | The Washington Times

Almost Three-Quarters of Americans Suffering Economic Hit From Coronavirus: Poll

4/2/20 | Bergen Record

For Years NJ Closed Hospitals. Now Facing Coronavirus Surge, It Needs Them

3/27/20 | CBS News

How Will the U.S. Pay for $2 Trillion Coronavirus Stimulus Package?

3/25/20 | The Well News

Budget Hawks Urge Lawmakers to Address COVID-19 Crisis, But Heed Its Lessons

3/11/20 | Reuters

Trump's Coronavirus Payroll Tax Cut Would Punch Hole in Social Security, Medicare Budgets

3/11/20 | Reuters

Payroll Tax Cut Just One Option Being Considered in Coronavirus Response: U.S. Senate's Grassley

3/5/20 | MSNBC

MSNBC “Live with Stephanie Ruhl”

3/5/20 | Financial Times

Fears Over Healthcare Costs Rising Among US Voters, Poll Shows

2/21/20 | Sioux City Journal

“Editorial: America's Mountain of Red Ink Continues to Grow”

2/20/20 | CNBC

White House Report Takes Aim at Obama While Boasting About Trump's Economic Record

2/18/20 | The Well News

Peterson Foundation Launches ‘2020 Voters’ Fiscal Guide

2/18/20 | The Center Square

Second Wave of Middle Class Tax Cuts Slated for September

2/13/20 | Consumer Affairs

U.S. Consumers Pay More for Healthcare but Receive Little in Return, Fed Chairman says

2/13/20 | Consumer Affairs

U.S. Consumers Pay More for Healthcare but Receive Little in Return, Fed Chairman says

2/11/20 | The Center Square

President, Others Critical of Federal Reserve Chariman's Testimony

2/11/20 | The Well News

Blue Dogs Pan Trump Budget Proposal, Call for Bipartisan Effort to Fix It

2/11/20 | The Balance

“Opinion: The Surprising Truth about the US Debt Crisis”

2/10/20 | USA Today

Chop and Spend: The Many Ways the Federal Government's Budget is Different Than Yours

2/10/20 | The Hill

Deficit Hawks Slam Trump Budget as Unrealistic

2/10/20 | The Center Square

Report: One Aspect of Trump's New Budget Proposal Targets Waste, Fraud

2/9/20 | The Dallas Morning News

Why America Isn't Doing Anything About the National Debt

2/6/20 | The Catalyst

Our $23 Trillion National Debt: An Inter-generational Injustice

2/5/20 | Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Opinion: The D.C. disorder that’s sadder than SAD

2/4/20 | The New York Times

Trump Is Expected to Showcase U.S. Economy in State of the Union

1/29/20 | The Center Square

Congressional Budget Office: Federal Debt to Grow to 98 Percent of GDP by 2030

1/29/20 | CFO

Budget Deficit Forecast to Top $1 Trillion in 2020

1/28/20 | CNN

CBO Projects a Decade of Trillion-Dollar Deficits and Soaring US Debt

1/28/20 | The Hill

Deficits to Average Record $1.3 Trillion Over Next Decade: CBO

1/28/20 | U.S. News & World Report

CBO: Deficits to Top $1 Trillion for Foreseeable Future

1/28/20 | Business Insider

The US Budget Deficit is Projected to Top $1 Trillion This Year, its Highest Level Since 2012

1/28/20 | Newsy

CBO Projects Federal Budget Deficit To Hit Record $1.7T In 2030

1/28/20 | The Week

U.S. National Debt Projected to Reach 98 Percent of GDP by End of Decade

1/28/20 | The Well News

Budget Deficit Poised to Break $1 Trillion Despite Strong Economy

1/27/20 | Barrons

Tesla, Apple, Boeing, Amazon, and Other Stocks for Investors to Watch This Week

1/15/20 | Bloomberg

Trump to Sign Trade Deal With China While Leaving Tariffs in Place

1/14/20 | Federal News Network

Sequestration to Have No Effect on Agency Spending in 2020

1/13/20 | Business Insider

US Budget Deficit Jumps Above $1 Trillion for First Time Since 2012

1/13/20 | The Hill

Budget Deficit Up Almost 12 Percent Compared to Last Year

1/13/20 | Arkansas Business

Health Care Spending & Outcomes

1/13/20 | Arkansas Business

Paying More for Less

1/12/20 | The Dallas Morning News

Trump Slashed Corporate Tax Rates to 21%, But Many Companies Paid Far Less Than That

1/11/20 | CNN

Navarro on Economy: 'Smart Money Sees Through the Noise'

1/10/20 | Business Insider

Trump Campaigned on Promises to Revive US Manufacturing. But Factories Lost 12,000 Jobs in December

1/10/20 | Sinclair Broadcast Group

Trump Touts a Strong Economy in 2020, Dems Say it Should be Stronger

1/10/20 | Reason

The 2020s Will Be the Decade of Deficit Doomsday

1/7/20 | The Well News

Voters Remain Deeply Concerned about Fiscal Irresponsibility in Washington

1/3/20 | Financial Times

Trump's Iran Attack Becomes 2020 Campaign Issue


12/31/19 | The Hill

Trump Enters 2020 on a Bull Market High

12/26/19 | Reason

Poll: Federal Budget Deficit is a Bigger Problem than Climate Change, Racism, and Terrorism

12/19/19 | The Hill

Budget Watchdogs Howl Over Deficit-Ballooning Deals

12/18/19 | The Center Square

Social Security Warning: Costs to Exceed Income in 2020 for First Time in Nearly 40 Years

12/17/19 | Cox Media Group

House Easily Okays $1.4 Trillion Spending Deal with Legislative Extras

12/13/19 | The Center Square

End of Year Review: National Debt Growth in 2019 Unprecedented, Unsustainable

12/11/19 | Federal News Network

Where's the Volcker for Deficit, Exploding Debt?

12/6/19 | Las Vegas Review-Journal

EDITORIAL: Trillion Dollar Deficits Should be Raising Alarms, Not Eliciting Yawns

12/6/19 | The Dalles Chronicle

Commentary: Concern Regarding National Debt Continues to Grow

12/6/19 | The Street

Jim Cramer: We Need Higher Contribution Levels to IRA's

12/5/19 | CNBC

Jim Cramer Blames Bears, Media for the Public's Low Interst in Stocks

12/5/19 | MSNBC

“Live with Stephanie Ruhle”

12/5/19 | Financial Times

Two-Thirds of Americans Do Not Feel the Benefits of Wall ST Rally

12/5/19 | Nikkei Asian Review

Trump's Economic Policies Work, 4 in 5 Republican Voters Say

12/3/19 | C-SPAN

Washington Journal

12/2/19 | The Center Square

Poll: Majority of Voters Across Party Lines Want Congress to Address $23 Trillion National Debt

11/25/19 | Business Insider

The National Debt Just Barreled Past $23 trillion. Here's How Trump's $3 trillion Portion Compares to Obama, Bush, and Clinton

11/24/19 | Financial Times

Soaring Healthcare Costs Weigh on Voters in US Battleground States

11/15/19 | USA Today

Surfboard Proposal, Duke Dorm Opossum, Sky Bar's Back: News From Around Our 50 States

11/14/19 | Yonkers Times

$23 Trillion National Debt ... and Counting

11/10/19 | The Center Square

National Debt Surpasses $23 Trillion Mark, Adds $4.1 Billion More in One Week

11/8/19 | FOX-WAGA

“Good Day Atlanta”

11/7/19 | The Associated Press

Tick Tock, In Hock: National Debt Clock Looms Over Atlanta

11/7/19 | Atlanta Journal Constitution

National Debt Clock Comes to Atlanta Amid 2020 Election Season

11/7/19 | NBC-WXIA

“11 Alive News at 6”

11/4/19 | Des Moines Register

Iowa Politics Newsletter: Foundation Launches Iowa national debt clock

11/4/19 | MSNBC

Video: Is The Economy Driving Perceptions of Trump?

11/4/19 | MSNBC

Video: South Carolina Teacher Works Two Jobs to Get By

11/4/19 | Financial Times

Nearly Two-Thirds of US Voters Say Trump Has Not Made Them Better Off

11/4/19 | Newsweek

Nearly Two-Thirds of Americans Say Trump Has Not Helped Their Financial Standing

11/4/19 | The Hill

Majority Say They Are Not Better Off Financial Under Trump: Poll

11/4/19 | Nikkei Asian Review

Trumponomics Yields Mixed Results for Voters, Poll Shows

11/4/19 | Newsmax

Poll: 35 Percent of Americans Say They Are Better Off Financially Under Trump

11/4/19 | Cheddar

Video: Financial Issues that Matter Most to Americans Heading into 2020 Election

11/4/19 | Money and Markets

Financial Times: Two-Thirds Say They’re No Better Off in Trump Economy

11/2/19 | ABC-WISN

National Debt Hits $23 Trillion for First Time Ever

11/1/19 | The Hill

US Debt Surpasses $23 Trillion for First Time

11/1/19 | Axios

National Debt Surpasses Record $23 Trillion

10/30/19 | Sequim Gazette

Guest Opinion: It is Time to Talk About Our National Debt

10/29/19 | CBS News

Trump Promised to Eliminate the National Debt. It has Risen by $3 Trillion

10/26/19 | Newsweek

U.S. Deficit Skyrockets 26 Percent Since 2018, Economists Blame Trump Tax Cuts for Massive Spending Gap

10/25/19 | CNN

U.S. Budget Deficit Balloons to Nearly $1 Trillion for Fiscal 2019

10/25/19 | POLITICO

Federal Deficit Tops $984B for Fiscal 2019

10/25/19 | The Hill

2019 Deficit Nears $1 Trillion, Highest Since 2012: Treasury

10/25/19 | National Review

Budget Deficit Nears $1 Trillion, Highest Level Since 2012

10/25/19 | Washington Examiner

Deficit Rose to $984B in 2019, Highest in Seven Years: Treasury

10/25/19 | The Well News

Federal Deficit Just Shy of $1 Trillion for 2019, Highest Since 2012

10/12/19 | Kearney Hub

Peterson's Warnings Not Heeded

10/9/19 | Sinclair Broadcast Group

Deficit Nears $1 Trillion in 2019, but 2020 Dems and Trump Have Little to Say About Debt

10/7/19 | Yahoo! Finance

Economist: Medicare Costs Need to be Brought 'Under Control' Before Expansion

9/29/19 | The Center Square

Report: Interest Payments on National Debt to Exceed Federal Spending on Children Next Year

9/27/19 | The Las Vegas Review-Journal

EDITORIAL: Las Vegas Strip Debt Clock a Reminder of Most Important Subject No One Wants to Talk About

9/23/19 | NBC-WKYC

Non-Profit Foundation Installs National Debt Clock Billboard in Cleveland

9/19/19 | CBS-WOIO

19 Consumer Alert

9/19/19 | Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

A Big and Scary Number (The Federal Debt) Greets Drivers on the Highway in Milwaukee

9/19/19 | ABC-WISN

$22 Trillion: New Billboard Shows Ongoing Rise of National Debt

9/19/19 | Las Vegas Review-Journal

Las Vegas Strip Gets a Look at the Eye-Popping National Debt

9/17/19 | The Center Square

Congressional Auditor: Interest Payments on National Debt to Top Military Spending by 2025

9/17/19 | InsideSources

Which Democrat Health Care Plan Will Cost You More?

9/17/19 | The Conversation

A Quarter of US Parents are Unmarried – and that Changes How Much They Invest in Their Kids

9/13/19 | United Press International

Annual U.S. Deficit Tops $1 Trillion For First Time in 7 Years

9/12/19 | The Associated Press

US Budget Deficit for 11 Months up $169 Billion Over 2018

9/12/19 | The Hill

Treasury: US Deficit Tops $1 Trillion in 11 Months

9/12/19 | Fox Business

US Budget Deficit Tops $1 Trillion

9/12/19 | Atlanta Journal-Constitution

August Red Ink Pushes 2019 Federal Deficit Over $1 Trillion

9/9/19 | Marketplace

Congress Returns to Face Funding Deadline

9/5/19 | POLITICO

POLITICO Pro Q&A: Michael Peterson, chairman and CEO of the Peter G. Peterson Foundation

9/1/19 | GateHouse Media

As Federal Debt Mounts, Guess Who's on the Hook for the Bill

8/29/19 | Rising Media

Democrats’ Emerging Tax Idea: Look Beyond Income, Target Wealth

8/27/19 | The Wall Street Journal

Democrats’ Emerging Tax Idea: Look Beyond Income, Target Wealth

8/25/19 | NPR

Consequences Of The U.S. Deficit

8/25/19 | Forbes

Politicians Don't Have Your Economic Back

8/21/19 | The New York Times

Budget Deficit on Path to Surpass $1 Trillion Under Trump

8/21/19 | The Washington Post

With Deficit Rising, Worries Grow the U.S. May Be Out of Tools if Recession Hits

8/21/19 | CNN

US Deficit Estimated to Hit $1 Trillion for 2020, CBO Says

8/21/19 | The Hill

Spending Deal to Add $1.7 Trillion to Deficit: CBO

8/21/19 | Markets Insider

The US Deficit is Set to Top $1 Trillion 2 Years Sooner than Expected

8/21/19 | The Well News

Federal Deficit Growing Faster Than Expected, Will Top $1 Trillion Next Year, Budget Office Says

8/21/19 | MarketWatch

Social Security is Already in Trouble — and a Payroll-Tax Cut Might Only Make it Worse

8/20/19 | USA Today

Economists Question Whether a Payroll Tax Cut Would be Worth Ballooning the Deficit

8/13/19 | Newsweek

Trump's Government Spends Nearly as Much Paying Interest on National Debt as it Spends on Nation's Children

8/8/19 | FedSmith

The Retirement Math Problem

8/6/19 | Seeking Alpha

Northrop Grumman: A Long-Term Investment Case

8/4/19 | The Columbus Dispatch and GateHouse Media

Trump, Democrats Use Taxpayers' Credit Cart to Pay for Pricey Budget Deal

8/2/19 | USA Today

'Self-Inflicted Wound': Donald Trump Signs Budget Bill as Experts Warn He's on Track to Add Trillions to U.S. Debt

7/31/19 | CNN

Fact Check: CNN's Democratic Debate

7/30/19 | The Hill

Large Majority of Voters Concerned Over Debt Following Spending Deal: Poll

7/26/19 | ABC News

New Bipartisan Budget Deal Raises Government Spending by Billions of Dollars

7/26/19 | U.S. News & World Report

Hey, Big Spender

7/25/19 | Reuters

U.S. House Passes Trump-Backed Spending and Debt Limit Bill

7/25/19 | World

Big Spenders

7/24/19 | C-SPAN

Congressional Chronicle

7/24/19 | Las Vegas Review-Journal

Budget Hawks Hate Debt Deal

7/23/19 | Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette

Trump, Top Democrats Announce Budget Deal

7/22/19 | The New York Times

Federal Budget Would Raise Spending by $320 Billion

7/22/19 | Forbes

What Congress Is Doing By Suspending The Debt Ceiling

7/22/19 | Fortune

5 Things You Need to Know About the Debt Ceiling

7/19/19 | The Washington Post

Trump Tells Aides to Look for Big Spending Cuts in Second Term, Sowing Confusion About Budget Priorities

7/18/19 | C-SPAN

Congressional Chronicle

7/17/19 | The Washington Times

Editorial: Spending Like There's No Tomorrow

7/16/19 | United Press International

Budget Office: U.S. Federal Deficit Will Top Record $1 Trillion

7/15/19 | The Washington Post

'His Own Fiefdom': Mulvaney Builds 'an Empire for the Right Wing' as Trump's Chief of Staff

7/15/19 | The Hill

WH Projects $1 Trillion Deficit for 2019

7/12/19 | The Well News

US Budget Deficit Jumped by $140 Billion Through June

6/30/19 | Forbes

We Need More Competition And Innovation To Bring Healthcare Costs Down

6/27/19 | The Epoch Times

Senators Warn ‘Absolute Catastrophe’ Coming if Congress Won’t Face ‘Debt Crisis’

6/26/19 | The New York Times

Fact-Checking Night 1 of the 2020 Democratic Debates

6/26/19 | CFO

Growth of Federal Debt Slows, but ‘Unprecedented Levels’ Ahead

6/25/19 | CNN

US Debt Projected to Hit 'Unprecedented Levels' Over the Next 30 Years, CBO Says

6/25/19 | The Wall Street Journal

U.S. Deficits Expected to Continue Growing

6/25/19 | The Hill

CBO Projects 'Unprecedented' Debt of 144 Percent of GDP By 2049

6/25/19 | The Washington Times

Long-Term Picture Improves, But Red Ink Still Swamps Federal Budget: CBO

6/25/19 | The Well News

Federal Debt on Track to Reach ‘Unprecedented’ Levels, CBO Says

6/19/19 | Fox News

Deficits are Exploding – And Neither Party Seems to Care

6/17/19 | National Interest

This One Chart Shows How Much Debt America Is In (Be Terrified)

6/13/19 | RealClear Politics

The Deficit in Media Questioning

6/13/19 | The Washington Post

The Finance 202: Corporate Confidence in the Economy Drops Amid Trade Fears. But Republicans Aren't Budging.

6/13/19 | The Hill

New Poll Finds Little GOP Support for Spending Cuts to Specific Federal Programs

6/13/19 | Salon

As Deficit Skyrockets, Author of GOP Tax Bill Admits Cuts May Not Pay for Themselves

6/12/19 | CNBC

Trump and Pelosi Can Still Work Together, But an Infrastructure Deal is Likely Not Happening, White House Acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney Says

6/12/19 | CNBC

Top White House Official Mick Mulvaney Says Public May Never See Trump’s ‘Secret Deal’ With Mexico

6/12/19 | POLITICO

Grassley Pushes Back on Tariffs

6/11/19 | CNN

The Lead with Jake Tapper

6/11/19 | The Washington Post

GOP Leader Concedes Tax Cuts May Not Pay for Themselves as 2019 Deficit Grows

6/11/19 | Yahoo! Finance

Students from Michigan's Oakland University Win Top Prize in Seventh Annual "Up to Us" National Campus Competition

6/11/19 | The Well News

Yarmuth: Budget Talks ‘Not Going Very Well,” Sees Them Going Into September

6/11/19 | The Hill

Pelosi Expresses Frustration During Testy CNN Interview

6/11/19 | Washington Examiner

Mulvaney Says There is 'No Center of Gravity' For Cutting Government Spending

6/11/19 | Bloomberg

Democrats Signal Hope for Passing New North America Trade Accord

6/11/19 | The Hill

Mulvaney Downbeat on Infrastructure, Hopeful on Pelosi

6/11/19 | Bloomberg

Trump Says Secret Deal With Mexico Takes Effect When He Wants

6/11/19 | Las Vegas Review-Journal

Mulvaney: Deficits Won't Go Away Anytime Soon

6/11/19 | Bloomberg

Trump Says He's Holding Up Trade Deal With China Ahead of G-20

6/11/19 | MarketWatch

What Modern Monetary Theory Gets ‘Plain Wrong,’ According to Former IMF Chief Economist

6/11/19 | CNN

Transcript of Live Coverage of Peterson Foundation’s Fiscal Summit via “Newsroom”

6/11/19 | The Washington Post

The Finance 202: Trump v. U.S. Chamber Shows Just How Much Washington is Changing

6/11/19 | CBS

Acting WH Chief of Staff Mulvaney Speaks at Forum on America's Future

6/19 | Health Affairs

Work-Related Opportunity Costs Of Providing Unpaid Family Care In 2013 And 2050

5/6/19 | The Hill

Rising Debt Imperils Trump, Dem Hopes on Infrastructure

5/2/19 | The Hill

CBO Projects Deficits Will Add Up to $12.7 Trillion Through 2029

5/2/19 | Newsweek

It's Only May, and the Federal Deficit is Already Higher than in All but Five Full-Year Deficits in U.S. History

4/28/19 | Dayton Daily News

Social Security Won't Be Able to Pay Full Benefits By 2035, Government Warns

4/26/19 | The Washington Post

U.S. Economy Feels Like the 1990s, But With More Inequality, Less Readiness for a Downturn

4/23/19 | MarketWatch

Don't Believe This Myth About Social Security

4/23/19 | Seeking Alpha

Winter Is Coming: The Case For A Low-Growth, Low-Rates Future

4/22/19 | Cox Media Group

Familiar Financial Warning on Social Security and Medicare

4/19/19 | The Washington Post

U.S. Military Spending Set to Increase for Fifth Consecutive Year, Nearing Levels During Height of Iraq War

4/10/19 | The Hill

US Deficit Soars to $691 Billion, Expected to Top $1 Trillion This Year

4/10/19 | Business Insider

11 Mind-Blowing Facts About the US Economy

3/28/19 | Voice of America

Student Debt Puts Millennials Behind in Wealth

3/27/19 | Yahoo! Finance

Millenials are 41% Below Boomers in a Key Wealth Measure

3/24/19 | The Washington Times

Enzi's 2020 Budget Plan Attempts to Tame Federal Deficits

3/22/19 | Fast Company

Americans Think The Future Looks Bleak: Can We Change That By 2050

3/20/19 | Yonkers Times

Americans Do Care About Our $22 Trillion Debt

3/18/19 | Forbes

Retirement Savings Headwinds Plaguing Millenials

3/18/19 | POLITIFACT

Yes, Americans Spend a Ton on Healthcare, and the Outcomes Aren't So Good

3/13/19 | Forbes

What's Different About Generation Z Tech Talent

3/12/19 | The Washington Post

Trump's Budget Reflects His Party's Confusion and Contempt for Governance

3/11/19 | USA Today

"Get Rid of the Fat": Why Uncle Sam's Annual Budget is a lot Different From Yours

3/11/19 | U.S. News & World Report

One Cut Not Seen in Trump Budget: the Debt

3/11/19 | The Hill

Five Takeaways From Trump's Budget

3/11/19 | Las Vegas Review-Journal

Trump's $4.7 Trillion Budget Offers More Money for Military, Border Wall

3/11/19 | The Washington Times

Trump's 2020 Budget to Reduce Medicare Costs By Targeting Waste, Fraud

3/8/19 | Star Tribune

Editorial: Both the Republican and Democratic Parties are Failing on Deficits

3/1/19 | POLITICO

Deficit-Swelling Trump White House Plans to Use Deficit Against Democrats

2/15/19 | The New York Times

The Federal Debt is Rising. Concern is Not

2/15/19 | HuffPost

Trump Vowed to Wipe Out National Debt; Deficit Soars 41.8 Percent

2/13/19 | U.S. News & World Report

National Debt Tops $22 Trillion for First Time

2/13/19 | The Post-Standard

National Debt Tops $22 Trillion for First Time; Experts Warn of Consequences

2/13/19 | Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

National Debt Tops $22 Trillion, Treasury Reports

2/13/19 | Fox News

Fox News Poll: Voters Want a Border Compromise

2/13/19 | Las Vegas Review-Journal

National Debt Tops $22 Trillion for First Time

2/12/19 | The Associated Press

National Debt Hits New Milestone, Topping $22 Trillion

2/12/19 | USA Today

National Debt Tops $22 Trillion For The First Time as Experts Warn of Ripple Effects

2/12/19 | CBS News

National Debt Tops $22 Trillion For First Time in U.S. History

2/12/19 | The Hill

Debt Surpasses $22 Trillion For First Time

2/12/19 | New York Post

National Debt Passes $22 Trillion for First Time in History

2/12/19 | MarketWatch

U.S. National Debt Tops $22 Trillion for the First Time

2/12/19 | UPI

National Debt Surpasses $22T for First Time in U.S. History

2/12/19 | POLITICO

National Debt Surpasses $22 Trillion

2/12/19 | Newsweek

U.S. National Debt Passes $22 Trillion for First Time in History

2/12/19 | Washington Examiner

National Debt Jumps to $22 Trillion

2/6/19 | USA Today

Will Trump Administration Tax Cuts, Spending Hikes Blow Up Deficit and Doom Economy?

1/28/19 | Fox News

Government Shutdown Exposed Americans' Deep Savings Crisis

1/10/19 | The Columbus Dispatch

Trump Walks Out on Talks With Democrats Over Wall

1/9/19 | The New York Times

A Shut Down Government Actually Costs More Than an Open One

1/8/19 | BBN Times

When Alan Greenspan Worried About Overly Large Budget Surpluses

1/2/19 | The Daily Signal

The New Congress Is Here. 4 Debates to Monitor.


12/31/18 | San Antonio Express-News

Express-News Editorial Board: Now Is The Time to Raise the Gas Tax

12/20/18 | Washington Examiner

House Passes End-of-Year Tax Bill, But Outlook in the Senate Looks Doubtful

12/18/18 | The Associated Press

Final Goodbye: Roll Call of Some Who Died in 2018

11/28/18 | The Washington Post

House GOP's Lame-Duck Tax Package Would Cost $55 Billion, CBO Says

11/27/18 | TalkMarkets

Global Debt Bubble: The 247 Trillion Overhang

11/8/18 | The Associated Press

Up to Us Year 7 Launches with Thousands of Students on 400 Campuses Nationwide

10/30/18 | CNBC

Nightly Business Report

10/30/18 | CNBC

Rising National Debt to Affect Voters' Midterm Election Decisions, Poll Says

10/17/18 | The Wall Street Journal

Trump Seeks 5% Budget Cuts from Cabinet Agencies

10/17/18 | The Hill

Trump to Request 5 Percent Cut from Cabinet Members

10/16/18 | The Washington Post

Who's Conservative Now? Republicans' Budget-Busting Continues.

10/16/18 | USA Today

The National Debt and the Federal Deficit are Skyrocketing. How it Impacts You.

10/16/18 | POLITICO

Guns or Butter? Republicans Pick Both

10/16/18 | SAFEHAVEN

U.S. Deficit Defies Economic "Boomtime"

10/15/18 | New York Post

Let's Look at the Real US Defit Number

10/15/18 | The Washington Times

Trump Sees Federal Deficit Soar in First Full Year

10/15/18 | Newsweek

U.S. Budget Deficit Reaches Higher Level Under Trump than at any Point in Obama's Second Term

10/11/18 | CBS News

The Skyrocketing Interest Payments on U.S. Debt

10/9/18 | The Washington Post

The Finance 202: Trump's Economy Means Soaring Deficits, Too

10/9/18 | Golden Gate Xpress

Up to Us Looks Forward to 2018 Campaign

10/5/18 | The Florida Times-Union

Friday Editorial: We Must Still Reform Social Security, Medicare

9/11/18 | The Hill

Budget Hawk Warns "Tax Cuts 2.0." Would Balloon Debt

9/10/18 | Washington Times

House Republicans Move to Lock in Cuts with Tax Reform 2.0

9/7/18 | Seeking Alpha

Drowning in Debt: The Road to $30 Trillion

9/6/18 | The Florida Times-Union

Americans Have More Sense on Debt than Our Leaders

9/3/18 | Pensions & Investments

3 Research Papers about Retirement Win Grants from Foundations

8/29/18 | The Chronicle of Philanthropy

Grants Roundup: Foxconn Commits $100 Million for Engineering Research

8/29/18 | Kearney Hub

Tax Cuts OK, but We’ll Get Bill Later

8/21/18 | Star Tribune

Greece Gets through its Crisis — for Now

8/15/18 | The Hill

Analysis: GOP Tax Law Increased Complexity of Tax Code

8/15/18 | POLITICO

Shortchanging IGs?

8/8/18 | The Hill

CBO: National Debt Could be Twice the Size of GDP by 2048

8/3/18 | Star Tribune

Trump's Wall Funding Shouldn't Cause Government Shutdown

7/27/18 | The New York Times

Economy Hits a High Note, and Trump Takes a Bow

7/26/18 | The Buffalo News

The Briefing: Deeper and Deeper and Deeper into Debt

7/20/18 | POLITICO

U.S. Approaches Historic Red Inck after Tax Reform

7/7/18 | The Star Tribune

Ominous National Debt Projections Not Seen as Big Business Concern — Yet

6/27/18 | WHYY

Trump Swims in Red Ink that Republicans Used to Care about

6/26/18 | The Washington Post

Paul Ryan’s Legacy: Gallons of Red Ink

6/26/18 | The Hill

CBO Projects Grim Budget Outlook under Trump

6/6/18 | The Hill

Dem Leaders Embrace Pay-Go

5/30/18 | Houston Chronicle

The Doomsday Clock Continues to Tick in North Korea

5/27/18 | The Washington Post

Democrats, Emboldened by GOP Cuts and Policies, Back Bigger Government

5/25/18 | The Washington Post

Republicans Leave us Drowning in Red Ink

5/24/18 | The Wall Street Journal

Congressional Budget Office’s Long-Term Deficit Forecast Dwarfs White House Estimate

5/11/18 | POLITICO

Bumps Coming for IRS Nominee

5/10/18 | Newsmax

Sen. Flake: Would Not Vote to Make Individual Tax Cuts Permanent

5/10/18 | Bloomberg

Pelosi Plans to Revisit Trump Tax Cuts If She Becomes Speaker

5/10/18 | The Washington Times

Pelosi is Adamant: Republicans are Losing Public Relations Battle on Tax Law

5/10/18 | The Hill

Flake Says He Won't Vote to Make Individual Tax Cuts Permanent

5/8/18 | Urban Milwaukee

Murphy's Law about that Deficit, Sen. Johnson

5/7/18 | The Washington Post

Trump Wants a $15 Billion Spending Cut. That’s about 1 Percent of the Cost of His Tax Bill.

4/24/18 | The Hill

Advocacy Group Poll: Concerns about Debt Rising

4/12/18 | The Hill

Proposal to Amend the Constitution Falls Short in House

4/9/18 | The New York Times

Federal Budget Deficit Projected to Soar to Over $1 Trillion in 2020

4/9/18 | Bloomberg

U.S. Deficit to Surpass $1 Trillion Two Years Ahead of Estimates, CBO Says

4/9/18 | USA Today

Federal Deficits Projected to Rise, Surpassing $1 Trillion in 2020

4/9/18 | The Hill

CBO Projects Booming Deficits

4/9/18 | Reuters

Republican Tax Cuts to Fuel Historic U.S. Deficits: CBO

3/31/18 | Kearney Hub

Peterson Was Right; Budget Out of Control

3/23/18 | Tampa Bay Reporter

Opinion: Rising National Debt Threatens Future Generations

3/23/18 | South Bend Tribune

Viewpoint: Why You Should be Worried about the National Debt

3/22/18 | Huffington Post

After Years of Deficit Doomsaying, Republicans Go on Massive Spending Spree

3/20/18 | The New York Times

Peter G. Peterson, a Power from Wall St. to Washington, Dies at 91

3/20/18 | The Washington Post

Peter G. Peterson, Financier Who Warned of Rising National Debt, dies at 91

3/20/18 | The Associated Press

Peter Peterson, Billionaire and Philanthropist, Dies at 91

3/20/18 | The Wall Street Journal

Peter Peterson, Blackstone Co-Founder, Dies at 91

3/20/18 | Bloomberg

Peter G. Peterson, Blackstone's Co-Founder, Dies at 91

3/20/18 | Reuters

Blackstone Co-Founder Peter Peterson Dies, Aged 91

3/18/18 | Financial Tribune

US Nat'l Debt Exceeds $21t

3/16/18 | Washington Examiner

$21 trillion

3/13/18 | The Wake Forest Review

Up to Us Campaign Takes on National Debt

2/26/18 | POLITICO

Public's Fiscal Confidence Hits Lowest Point in Two Years in Poll

2/19/18 | The Patriot Post

How Continuing Resolutions Create More Debt

2/18/18 | SunHerald

Do the Math. Today’s GOP Doesn’t Add Up

2/17/18 | The Free Lance-Star

First Save Enough for a Rainy Day

2/15/18 | Bloomberg

Doesn’t Anyone Care about Deficits Anymore?

2/12/18 | The Wall Street Journal

Trump’s Budget Proposal Projects Big Jump in Deficits

2/9/18 | The Weekly Standard

Ugly but Necessary

2/8/18 | POLITICO

Welcome Back to Big Spending

2/8/18 | Los Angeles Times

New Budget Deal Adds More Stimulus — and Debt — to an Overextended American Economy

2/8/18 | The Buffalo News

Thursday's Briefing: Hey, Big Spenders, What Happened to the Deficit?

2/8/18 | The Daily Star

The Trump Tax Cut: A Mockery of Fiscal Responsibility?

2/7/18 | CNBC

Washington is on Track for More Government Spending and Bigger Deficits — Even Under Republican Control

2/7/18 | The Columbus Dispatch

Senate Strikes Budget Deal Increasing Spending by $400 Billion for Two Years

2/2/18 | The Washington Post

It's What the House Has Not Done

1/30/18 | The New York Times

As Deficit Soars Toward $1 Trillion, Congress Shrugs and Keeps Spending

1/19/18 | CNN

Governing From Crisis to Crisis Isn't Governing

1/3/18 | The Hill

U.S. Voters More Concerned about Nation's Ballooning Debt


12/14/17 | Huffington Post

What’s Inside the GOP’s Christmas Box?

11/30/17 | The Washington Post

Why U.S. Budget Deficits are Facing a Fatter Future: QuickTake

11/29/17 | The Atlantic

A Conservative Uprising Confronts GOP Deficit Hawks

11/27/17 | Bloomberg

Ryan Dismisses Deficit Concerns to Chase a Political Win on Taxes

11/17/17 | The New York Times

Accounting "Gimmicks" in G.O.P.’s Tax Overhaul Mask Higher Cost, Deficit Hawks Say

11/2/17 | The New York Times

Republican Plan Delivers Permanent Corporate Tax Cut

10/18/17 | Yahoo! Finance

"It's Very Hard Not to Give Tax Cuts to the Wealthy," Steven Mnuchin Now Says

10/7/17 | Forbes

The #5 Reason Bernie Sanders' Medicare-for-All Single-Payer Plan is a Singularly Bad Idea

9/27/17 | The Hill

Dems Slam GOP Tax Plan as Deficit-Buster, Risk to Medicare

9/27/17 | U.S. News & World Report

Trump, Taxes and the "Middle Class Miracle"

9/20/17 | Bloomberg

Senators' Deal Makes Tax Cuts More Likely, May Limit Their Scope

9/19/17 | The Hill

Corker Unveils Tax Reform Details

9/13/17 | The Washington Post

Getting Rid of All Tax Breaks Could Reduce the Corporate Tax Rate to 26 Percent, Study Says

9/11/17 | The Hill

US Federal Debt Passes $20 Trillion for First Time

9/11/17 | Fox Business

US National Debt Tops $20T for First Time in History

9/8/17 | St. Louis Post-Dispatch

US National Debt Tops $20T for First Time in History

8/7/17 | CNBC

Canadians May Pay More Taxes than Americans, but Here's What They Get for Their Money

8/4/17 | newser

Greenspan Warns of the Bubble That May Be Bursting Next

7/31/17 | U.S. News & World Report

Mnuchin: "Most" Top Earners Won't Get Tax Cut Under Trump Plan

7/18/17 | Washington Examiner

Millennials to Congress: Fix Social Security Now to Save Our Financial Future

6/26/17 | The Hill

Poll: Majority Worried about National Debt

5/23/17 | U.S. News & World Report

Mnuchin Wavers on Claim of No Tax Cuts for the Wealthy

4/27/17 | The New York Times

Republicans’ Fiscal Discipline Wilts in Face of Trump’s Tax Plan

4/21/17 | The Progress-Index

For the Economy to Grow, Washington Needs to Take on Entitlement Programs

3/17/17 | The Washington Post

Trump’s Cuts Would Do Nothing to Balance the Budget

3/2/17 | Chicago Tribune

Trump Promises "Rebuilding" of Military Aboard Over-Budget Ship in Newport News


12/7/16 | Chicago Tribune

Trump's Victory Tour Stump Speech, Annotated

12/5/16 | Jackson Free Press

JSU Students Raise Awareness about National Debt

10/21/16 | The New York Times

Ignoring the Debt Problem

10/20/16 | Huffington Post

Donald Trump Dodges on His Medicare and Social Security Plans

8/8/16 | Forbes

Social Security: Where Clinton and Trump Stand

7/24/16 | The Wall Street Journal

Debate Over U.S. Debt Changes Tone

5/16/16 | Los Angeles Times

A Trump Presidency Would Threaten Programs Like Social Security. Here's How We Know.

5/11/16 | Reuters

Trump Open to Social Security Changes if Elected: Adviser

5/11/16 | CNN

Pelosi Dismisses Trump's Candidacy: "We've Had our Fun"

5/11/16 | POLITICO

Top Aide Claims $7 Trillion Budget Surplus from Trump's Economic Plans

4/19/16 | Time

Millennials Need the Next President to Be Very Worried about the Debt

3/24/16 | The Washington Times

Employers to Drop Millions from Health Care Plans as Obamacare Premiums Spike, CBO Projects

3/21/16 | St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Federal Spending in Missouri Equivalent of More than a Fifth of Economy

2/17/16 | The Flat Hat

College Political Groups Debate the National Debt

2/8/16 | Nashua Telegraph

Op-Ed: Debt is an Issue that New Hapshire Voters Care about

1/13/16 | NPR

What the Powerball Cash Could — and Couldn't — Buy

1/13/16 | POLITIFACT

Obama: US Spends More on Military than Next 8 Nations Combined

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