The Vast Majority Of Americans Want Action

"I'm part of the 88 percent of Americans who want to see progress on our #NationalDebt."

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Voters want real progress

88 percent of Americans want the budget conference committee to address our long-term debt.

Nearly universally, Americans want to see both parties work together to solve the country’s long-term fiscal and economic problems. What’s more, voters from both parties are willing to do their part: a majority of Republicans are willing to accept revenue increases, and a majority of Democrats are willing to accept entitlement reforms, as part of a comprehensive plan to stabilize our long-term debt. The American people are ready to make progress. Read full survey results here.

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More on the budget conference committee

Paul Ryan and Patty Murray

Credit: Win McNamee/Getty Images

An in-depth look at the challenges and opportunities faced by the 29 bipartisan members of the budget conference committee which passed the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2013. The conferees had the opportunity to break the cycle of brinksmanship and set our country on a sounder long-term fiscal path.

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Looming fiscal deadlines

A Window of Opportunity

The country has a real, but temporary, chance to break the cycle of governing by crisis and stabilize our long-term debt. With new deadlines approaching fast, the time to act is now.

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What Does the Debt Mean for Our Future?

We all have a responsibility to build a brighter fiscal and economic future for the next generation.

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