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To solve our fiscal challenges in an enduring way, we need input and support from across the ideological spectrum. This value of inclusion and collaboration is reflected in all of the Foundation’s work, and particularly in our role as a convener of people and ideas. We bring together influencers and policymakers to find common cause and develop commonsense reforms. From our signature annual conference, the Fiscal Summit in Washington, D.C., to timely events around the country at key political and policy moments, our goal is to give voice to constructive, substantive and policy-focused discussions on what’s needed to restore America’s future.

Peter G. Peterson Foundation Economic Forum

The Peter G. Peterson Foundation Economic Forum brings together thought leaders shaping the future of our nation for in-depth conversations on America’s most pressing issues.

The Fiscal Summit

The Peter G. Peterson Foundation’s Fiscal Summit is the premier annual gathering dedicated to addressing our nation’s long-term debt and improving our economic future. Debuting in 2010, the Summit is a key event for the foundation to build consensus and support for putting America on a sustainable fiscal path.

US 2050

By 2050, the US will be very different than it is today. Adults aged 65 and over will outnumber children under the age of 18, and our population will be much more racially and ethnically diverse, the young much more so than the old. With those changing demographics as a backdrop, the US 2050 project examines the socioeconomic developments and fiscal choices we make today that will determine standards of living decades from now.

On March 22, scholars and policy experts convened in Washington, D.C., to engage in conversation anchored by the insights and conclusions from the project’s 31 commissioned papers, which touch on a wide variety of topics related to our nation’s future. Check back soon for videos from the event. Learn more about the event.

Sponsored Events

As part of the Foundation’s ongoing efforts to ensure that the fiscal implications of current legislation are always front and center for policymakers, the Foundation hosts in-depth, news-making conversations and events. Through partnerships with media organizations such as POLITICO, CNN and Bloomberg, the Foundation is able to bring together a bipartisan mix of the nation's most important fiscal leaders for lively and in-depth analysis of the latest policy and political developments on Capitol Hill.

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