2013 Fiscal Summit: Facing the Future

America and many countries around the world are changing rapidly. Global competitiveness is increasing as nations improve their economic production and grow more prosperous. Science and technology offer tremendous opportunities for innovation, and those countries that lead technologically will also lead economically. At the same time, America faces a range of evolving challenges at home, including issues such as demographics, immigration, education, and national security.

The 2013 Fiscal Summit gathered some of the country’s most important thinkers to discuss these trends and the critical fiscal policy decisions that will shape America’s economy and society for decades to come. Despite a challenging political environment, the opportunity remains for the U.S. to solve its long-term debt problem and position the nation for future economic success and a continued leadership in the world. While there are still differences of opinion about how to address debt and deficits, the 2013 Fiscal Summit demonstrated that resolving our long-term fiscal challenges is essential to building a foundation for prosperity, growth, and competitiveness in the future.



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