Policy Options for Improving Economic Opportunity and Mobility

Jun 4, 2015

America’s economic recovery is finally taking hold and current deficits are down from the record highs during the recession. At the same time, far too many American families are being left out of the recovery, and our nation still faces an unsustainable long-term fiscal outlook. Lower unemployment and improvements in growth are fueling renewed optimism, yet the nature of the recovery is uneven and the longer term trends of income stagnation are of great concern. On everyone’s minds is the questionable state of opportunity in America.

In the interest of enriching the discussion on the state of economic opportunity in America today, the Peter G. Peterson Foundation asked two experts, representing different viewpoints, to recommend policy options to foster greater economic opportunity and mobility.

In a new two-volume paper, Policy Options for Improving Economic Opportunity and Mobility, Jared Bernstein of the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities and Scott Winship of the Manhattan Institute, explore policy options that foster greater economic opportunity and mobility, specifically considering what they believe to be the most effective role government can play in achieving these goals.


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