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A core part of our work at the Peterson Foundation is to provide accurate and timely information to help policymakers, journalists, and the public develop a full understanding of the factors influencing our nation’s fiscal and economic health.

We provide a robust selection of research and analysis on fiscal and economic trends, including reports produced by our research staff as well as outside experts. We also publish a series of charts, which visually describe the financial condition and fiscal outlook of the U.S. government, explore the broader economic, political, and demographic contexts.

Peter G. Peterson Foundation Charts:

PGPF charts illustrate many aspects of our fiscal challenges, showing that budget-making involves many competing priorities and complex trends. In this selected set of charts, we aim to frame the overall fiscal outlook of the U.S. government from a variety of key perspectives.

Research Spotlight:

Budget Basics: Who Pays Taxes?
To assess whether the tax system is fair or not, it is important to look at the various taxes that people face in aggregate, not just one type of tax in isolation.

Budget Explainer: Medicare
This budget explainer describes the Medicare program, how it is financed, what it pays for, what role it plays in financing American healthcare, and what is projected for the future.

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