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    Social Security Faces Major Financial Challenges

    Social Security currently provides benefits to 59 million Americans, including retired workers, disabled workers, and their spouses and survivors. As the population ages and the large baby boom generation enters retirement, the number of people receiving benefits is expected to climb to 88 million by 2033.

    Social Security faces major financial challenges. In their annual report, which was released Monday, the Trustees warn that without legislative action:


    Peter G Peterson Foundation Releases New Health Care Reform Study

    NEW YORK (October 30, 2009) - A study commissioned by the Peter G. Peterson Foundation on S. 1796, America's Healthy Future Act of 2009 (the "Act") confirms the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) analysis that the bill, as passed by the Senate Finance Committee, could result in slightly lower deficits if it is implemented as intended and remains unchanged. The study, conducted by The Lewin Group, mirrors ths findings that new revenues and savings under the bill, would exceed new spending.


    Summary of CBO Update on Budget and Economic Outlook

    The latest report by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) on the outlook for the U.S. budget and economy highlights the costs of the ongoing weakness in our economy and uncertain direction of our nation’s fiscal policies (1). On the economy, CBO projects that a full recovery from the recession will not be complete until 2017—almost a decade after it started in December 2007. On the budget, CBO warns that if current policies are continued, federal debt is on an “explosive path” over the long run.


    Summary of CBO's Analysis of the President's Budget for Fiscal...

    Each year, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimates the budgetary impact of the proposals in the President's budget using its own economic and technical assumptions. An Analysis of the President's 2014 Budget, released last week, illustrates the effects of the President's proposals on the growth of deficits and debt over the coming decade.

    If the President’s proposals are adopted, CBO estimates that:


Fiscal Confidence Index

Survey: Modeled after the Consumer Confidence Index, the Fiscal Confidence Index is a monthly national survey that measures public opinion about the national debt.

The Tax Reform Opportunity

Video: Our tax code is complex, unfair, and insufficient. Learn more about the opportunity we have to reform and improve tax policy.