Spending on Prescription Drugs Has Been Growing Exponentially over the Past Few Decades

Jun 16, 2022

Prescription drugs play a vital role in the U.S. healthcare system, enabling Americans to live longer, higher-quality lives. However, the growing cost of those drugs presents a significant challenge to the quality and affordability of healthcare in the United States.

U.S. spending on prescription drugs has risen substantially in the past 20 years, climbing from $122 billion in 2000 to $348 billion in 2020. Furthermore, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services project that such spending will continue to grow, rising to $567 billion by 2030 — an increase of 63 percent.

That growth in spending can be attributed to many factors, including the number and type of drugs prescribed. Some common reasons include:

  • High and rising prices for brand-name drugs;
  • a lack of competition due to the U.S patent system;
  • the use and cost of specialty drugs; and
  • a lack of transparency in drug prices.

While prescription drugs can help improve health outcomes in the United States, the rising cost of those drugs can place a financial strain on American families and the country’s fiscal health. Moving forward, containing prescription drug costs will be a vital issue as our country continues to recovers from the pandemic and turns its attention toward addressing the long-term fiscal challenge.

Spending on Prescription Drugs Has Been Growing Exponentially over the Past Few Decades

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Tweet: Prescription drug costs have grown significantly over the past several decades — and that trend is projected to continue. https://ctt.ec/Mu4h1+ via @pgpfoundation

Tweet: Prices for prescription drugs have been increasing substantially over time. https://ctt.ec/533u1+ via @pgpfoundation

Tweet: High and rising prices for brand-name drugs is one of the biggest drivers of growing prescription drug spending. https://ctt.ec/S1tmL+ via @pgpfoundation

Tweet: Specialty drugs are typically much more expensive than other drugs, and increased reliance on them is one driver of rising prescription drug spending. https://ctt.ec/K04xS+ via @pgpfoundation

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