Statement by Peter G. Peterson, Chairman of the Peter G. Peterson Foundation, on the Vote by the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform

Dec 3, 2010

Peter G. Peterson

“The work of this Commission has clearly demonstrated the need to address our nation’s unsustainable long-term fiscal challenges, and it has shown that we should begin now. The time for denial, inaction and political gamesmanship is over. The time for fiscal patriotism is now.

“It is very encouraging that a significant majority of this bipartisan group of leaders agreed to a detailed, comprehensive plan. The Commission’s report provides a framework for lawmakers and citizens to engage in an important national dialogue that achieves real solutions.

“We commend Co-Chairmen Simpson and Bowles and the members of this Commission for their intensive efforts, and the significant contribution they have made toward success on this issue.

“America has risen to meet great challenges in the past. The progress made by this Commission gives us hope that Americans and elected officials from both parties will come together to solve our fiscal challenges and ensure continued prosperity and economic opportunity for our citizens.”

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