The Peterson Foundation’s Expert Views essay series convenes leading voices to offer ideas, insights and analysis surrounding our most pressing fiscal and economic challenges. Together, these essays are intended to help us better understand the current landscape and identify solutions.

Fiscal Commission

As our $33 trillion national debt continues to rise, 9 in 10 Americans support the establishment of a bipartisan fiscal commission to put forth real solutions to our fiscal challenges. We asked respected policy experts from across the ideological spectrum to share their views on why a commission is needed, how it should be structured, and which policies could help stabilize the debt.

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Bipartisan Policymaking under Divided Government

As lawmakers in Washington enter a period of closely divided government, the Peterson Foundation released a set of eight new essays from respected policy leaders sharing insights on how to make bipartisan progress on key fiscal and economic policy goals in 2023. The eight authors, including economists, former high-ranking government officials, legislative experts and political pundits, draw on historical context and provide practical advice for lawmakers to rise above gridlock.

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Inflation, Interest and the National Debt

America faces an array of complex fiscal and economic challenges, including high inflation, rising interest costs, unsustainable debt and recession fears. In the second installment of our Expert Views series, we once again convened experts with diverse views from across the political spectrum to share their perspectives and insights to help understand the landscape in 2022 and identify solutions. The eleven essays offer a deep playbook of options, ideas and advice for policymakers to address inflation, avoid a recession and put the country on a more stable fiscal path.

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America’s Fiscal and Economic Outlook

In 2021, we asked leading experts to share their perspective on the opportunities, challenges, and the way forward for America’s economic and fiscal future. During a time of great uncertainty, the ten essays, representing diverse views from across the political spectrum, provided answers to the key question: Where do we go from here?, outlining the connection between national preparedness, economic strength, and a sustainable fiscal outlook.

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Expert Views: Fiscal Commission

We asked experts with diverse views from across the political spectrum to share their perspectives.

National Debt Clock

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