Peterson Institute for International Economics

Sep 16, 2019

To support strategic communications and digital outreach activities.
Grant Amount (FY 2019): $6,000,000

To support non-partisan research and analysis on global and domestic fiscal and economic policy.
Grant Amount (FY 2018): $7,000,000

To support strategic communications and development activities.
Grant Amount (FY 2018): $400,000

To support and enhance economic and fiscal research and analysis at the Peterson Institute for International Economics.
Grant Amount (FY 2015): $5,000,000

To support the C. Fred Bergsten endowed chair to carry out analyses related to the U.S. economic and fiscal issues.
Grant Amount (FY 2014): $1,000,000

To support a study on the effects of a U.S. debt default on capital markets, private sector investment, the dollar, trade, and interest costs.
Grant Amount (FY 2014): $38,500

To support research that examines global aggregate public debt projections under likely scenarios through 2030, discusses the implications of these issues for the United States, and investigates the potential long-term impact across global economies.
Grant Amount (FY 2011): $225,000

To support research on the international dimensions of the fiscal imbalances of the United States, including an appraisal of key creditor countries' international economic positions and policies.
Grant Amount (FY 2010): $390,000

To support efforts to broaden public understanding of globalization and the risks of shortsighted economic and fiscal policies.
Grant Amount (FY 2009): $50,000

To support a study and roundtable on the magnitude and impact of growing global public debts and identify possible implications for the world economy and the United States.
Grant Amount (FY 2009): $100,000

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