A Healthy Democracy to Support Effective Policymaking

The Peterson Foundation works to bring Americans together to find and implement sensible, long-term solutions to address our country’s fiscal challenges. An underlying requirement for making progress on these policy goals is a healthy, functioning democracy that reflects ideas from across the political spectrum, faithfully represents the views and experiences of the American people, and functions effectively to enact legislative solutions.

To help foster constructive and effective policymaking to address critical challenges facing America, the Peterson Foundation has made initial grants to two nonpartisan organizations: Issue One and Protect Democracy. These grants support education and awareness on bipartisan election process reforms to protect and build trust in our democracy.

Issue One is a nonprofit organization that advances reforms to strengthen American democracy. The organization works to build a cross-partisan movement to protect U.S. elections, lessen political polarization and build a democracy that works for everyone.

Protect Democracy is a nonprofit organization with a mission to prevent American democracy from declining into a more authoritarian form of government. This work includes projects to protect elections and voting, ensure accountability, prevent abuses of power, restore checks and balances and fight disinformation.

Strong democratic institutions and effective governance are preconditions for effective policymaking on all issues, especially in complex areas like the national debt and the economy. These efforts aim to improve our democracy and our leaders’ ability to work together to implement solutions to our nation’s most pressing challenges.

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