Statement by Foundation Chairman Peter G. Peterson on President Obama's Deficit Reduction Proposal to the "Super Committee"

Sep 19, 2011

“In his remarks today, President Obama recognized the importance of putting the nation’s fiscal house in order and rightly called on the ‘super committee’ to go beyond $1.5 trillion in deficit reduction.

“Both parties have presented their respective visions for deficit reduction, but what we need now is for Republicans and Democrats to move beyond ideology. To be successful, the super committee must seriously consider the credible and comprehensive fiscal proposals that have been put on the table over the past year, many of which already have bipartisan support.

“The super committee and its process represent a significant opportunity to put this nation on a better path. The true test of any long-term fiscal plan is whether or not it stabilizes federal debt as a percentage of the economy. The only way to do that is to address the structural drivers of our long-term debt, including entitlement and tax reform.

“If we agree now on comprehensive fiscal reforms that can be implemented when the economy recovers, we can give the economy a much needed boost of confidence in the short term and put America on a much more sustainable and prosperous path for the long term.”

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