The U.S. Economy, Policy Options and the 2020 Election

About the Inaugural Forum Series: Restoring Our Economy Post-Pandemic

The inaugural series of the Peter G. Peterson Foundation Economic Forum explored the significant impact and policy implications of the COVID-19 pandemic. As lawmakers enact major programs to address the devastating damage to our health, economy and society, many critical questions remain about the path forward. This Forum series featured conversations that explored lessons learned thus far, ideas for when and how we can safely reopen the economy, and how effective fiscal policy can both aid recovery and prepare us better for the next unforeseen crisis.


The third session in the Peter G. Peterson Foundation Economic Forum’s series Restoring Our Economy Post-Pandemic Pandemic analyzed the unprecedented effects that this crisis has had on our economy, against the backdrop of the 2020 election. As policymakers and candidates debate proposals to help the nation recover from a severe health and economic crisis, this bipartisan conversation assessed how Washington has handled the crisis thus far – and what more needs to be done to address our mounting fiscal and economic challenges. What are the key indicators and milestones that reveal not only the extent of the damage, but also where the recovery is taking hold? What policy proposals are being put forward by the campaigns to address the still uncertain landscape?

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