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The January 2013 fiscal cliff involves several components of tax cuts and spending provisions.
Most Medicaid dollars are spent on disabled and elderly beneficiaries, whose incomes and financial resources are low enough to qualify for the program.
Why Reform Our Corporate Tax Code?
Controlling our structural budget deficits will require major changes in budget policy.
The nation's long-term fiscal outlook is unsustainable. Publicly held debt currently equals 70 percent of gross domestic product, the most common measure of an economy's size.
Mar 1, 2012
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Social Security is an important program that is part of the fabric of America. We must ensure that Social Security is available for future generations.
The defense share of the federal budget has averaged 21 percent over the past two decades.
Making changes to defense, health care and Social Security will help us reduce our debt, and also leave money to fund other critical responsibilities and invest in our future.
America faces a growing crisis. Our federal government has accumulated a $13.6 trillion debt over the last few decades, and this debt is expected to grow significantly in coming years.

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