Budget Basics Archive

Jun 26, 2018
Capitol Building Washington DC
PAYGO is a budget enforcement mechanism intended to prevent passage of legislation that increases deficits.
Here are the top ten spending categories for the federal budget.
CBO plays a vitally important role in the federal budget process.
Jul 20, 2017
Capitol Building
Sequestration was designed to be a blunt instrument, whose arbitrary effects would be so undesirable that they would compel policymakers to reach compromise on budget legislation rather than allow the cuts to go into effect.
Reconciliation is a powerful process, whereby legislation drafted to meet those instructions has an easier path to passage.
While a 10-year window is currently the standard, the number of years covered by budget resolutions has varied.
This budget explainer describes what Medicaid is, how it is financed, and who benefits from it.
The lack of a long-term solution for federal funding for transportation creates uncertainty, which is disruptive for the planning of construction projects.
CBO was formally established as a nonpartisan agency, and that has been a critical and enduring part of the office's effectiveness.
Each year, through the budget process, the President and Congress have the opportunity to set priorities for the federal government, determining how much should be spent through appropriations for annually-funded programs, known as discretionary spending, and providing the opportunity to review entitlement programs and the tax code.

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