A Sustainable Fiscal Future

Founder and Chairman Pete Peterson established the Foundation in 2008 to raise awareness of America’s long-term fiscal challenges and to find solutions to help build a growing, thriving economy. Explaining the origins of the Foundation, Peterson shared his long-standing concern that if we fail to address our fiscal imbalance, we will put the American Dream at risk as interest costs begin to crowd out in-vestments in our economic future, threatening the opportunities avail-able to the next generation. With key structural factors, including an aging population and rising healthcare costs, building pressure on our fiscal outlook, Peterson called for more action to address the current unsustainable course. Through the nonpartisan Foundation, focused work is underway to find and implement sensible, long-term solutions that transcend age, party lines, and ideological divides to achieve real results. Peterson encouraged experts and policymakers at the eighth annual Fiscal Summit to continue advancing recommendations for putting our nation on a solid and sustainable fiscal path if we are to ensure widely shared economic prosperity and opportunity in the future.

Bipartisan Policymaking under Divided Government

We asked experts with diverse views from across the political spectrum to share their perspectives.

National Debt Clock

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