Solutions Initiative III: Memos to the Next President and Congress

As part of its Solutions Initiative, the Peterson Foundation asked experts from five leading think tanks to draft a memo for the 45th President and 115th Congress, dated January 1, 2017, identifying three top priorities for policymakers following the next election cycle.

The following summarizes their recommendations. Click on each group’s logo to read their full memo.

American Action Forum

  • Tax reform
  • Entitlement reform
  • Immigration reform

American Enterprise Institute

  • Make healthcare programs more efficient
  • Better target Social Security
  • Switch to a growth-friendly consumption tax

Bipartisan Policy Center

  • Reduce healthcare cost growth
  • Enact pro-growth tax reform
  • Invest in infrastructure, research and defense

Center for American Progress

  • Grow the economy by strengthening and expanding the middle class
  • Slow healthcare cost growth
  • Increase federal revenues

Economic Policy Institute

  • Increase spending for public investments
  • Strengthen America’s social welfare system
  • Raise additional revenues

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