Federal Deficit and Debt: August 2018

Every month the U.S. Treasury releases data on the federal budget, including the current deficit. Here is the data for August 2018.

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Federal Deficit: August 2018

Federal debt is on an unsustainable path

  • Federal Budget Deficit for August 2018: $214 billion
  • Federal Budget Deficit for August 2017: $108 billion

The deficit for August 2018 is more than $60 billion higher than it otherwise would have been. Spending that normally would have occurred in September was shifted forward into August since the regularly scheduled payment dates fell on a weekend or holiday.

Cumulative Federal Deficit through August 2018

The budget deficit has grown rapidly in the first ten months of fiscal year 2018

  • Cumulative FY18 Deficit through August 2018: $898 billion
  • Cumulative Budget Deficit over Same Period in FY17: $674 billion

The rapid growth of the deficit so far this year is likely the leading edge of continued growth in future deficits and an indication of the harmful fiscal effects of policies enacted over the previous several months.

National Debt through August 2018

The national debt is on an unsustainable path

  • Debt Held by Public through August 2018: $15.8 trillion
  • Debt Held by Public through August 2017: $14.4 trillion

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